Just enjoy a game with NBA 2K12, I'm now customising the arena music with this remastered versions of ESPN soundtracks. I'll be updating this soon. Enjoy!
About 30 seconds. Much better than last year. Here it's a solid 20-40 seconds. Each game has a bit different of a start so it'll vary. This is played after the starting lineups when you hear the horn. Unlike last year, but similar to 2k10, the sounds can be heard for almost a minute.

Timeout/between quarters
Length is as long as you let it. 20 or 60 second timeout will play, then this year there is a solid 20 seconds of back to the game action with TO sound playing. Between quarter sounds are maybe 15 seconds tops. Since we can't distinguish between the two, all need to fit in the 70 second range. Between qrts sound can be heard between 1st and 2nd. and I believe an even more brief time frame between 3rd and 4th.

Home Up Court | Away Up Court | Chant Defense | Chant Offense
Lump all the bold together here.. AT LEAST 24 seconds. If you have anything under, the game will find another song to play causing a weird transistion in what you're hearing. So either add silence to get to 24 or be aware that this will happen if you have a song that is 10 seconds. Try looping it or extending the song.

How these interact in game is still questionable. I have tried a few games with the away and home ups active, along with the chants. Some say away up still plays when the home team has the ball. I may ignore these all together personally, as I am having great success with chant offense and chant defense.

I have only heard this on the quick sprite style replays happening in game. This one is likely 5-10 seconds.

Home Team Going to Win
This one is identical to home up or chant offense. It'll be a track that starts when the home team has it, and stops when the other team gets possession. You can hear this one with minutes left in the game. I'm not sure any type of specific content is even needed here. Sometimes its nothing but silence.

Both Blowout events appear to be the same. Minimum 24 seconds unless you want the track to end and another randomly start. Similar to HTGTW event, this one starts off when the game is in a more blowout situation. But it still tends to be one that starts and stops with every possession, like the home and away ups or chant O/Ds.

Stadium Intro
This is not working currently with the 360, I have seen videos of this in action on the PS3. It starts right when the loading screen ends and you enter the arena. This one can go on for a solid minute.

It plays behind the announcers voice during highlights. Highlight length and halftime length can vary. I would go minimum 50 seconds

Jordan Player of the Game
This too can run a solid 30 seconds, or less, or even more. Stick with a minute.

I'll list all the minimums here in seconds

Arena Music Events
Jumpball - 45
Timeout - 70
Home Up Court - 25
Away Up Court - 25
Chant Defense - 25
Chant Offense - 25
Replay - 5-10
HTGTW - 25
Home Poss. during Blowout - 25
Away Poss. during Blowout - 25
Stadium Intro - 60
Halftime - 45
POTG - 60

I've just gone with a standard cutoff point of 70-90 seconds on anything but the in game ups or chants. All of those get around a 24-30 second sequence.

I believe that the arena music is design for specific events. Some tracks are deemed more popular and thus added into a playlist numerous times. And the beauty of it all, there is only one physical file on hand.

If you have 100 songs and want to hear Gary Glitter's Hey song quite often, up the playlist count of that song from 1 to maybe 10.

I have personally done just that with my jumpball playlists. I have 23 "popular" songs that are in my generic jumpball playlist. I then take any team specific NON PA songs, add them into that playlist, then re add them about 6 times in total, then rename the playlist. So now you get about 41 total songs, 18 of them team specific, and 23 generic. It's quite a nice balance.

ESPN Theme - Start of the Game

ESPN Theme - Between Quarters

ESPN Theme - Timeout

ESPN Theme - Halftime

ESPN Theme - Player of the Game

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