Already played the NBA 2K12 Greatest Challenge but I kept wondering about the idea of individual players playing against each other one-on-one in a schoolyard, street basketball style. This time it will be the greatest legends facing against our superstars of today. We all know the battles between Magic and Bird but have we ever seen rookie Kobe playing against his older self? How about Dwight Howard against the Shaq of the yesteryears? Maybe Mike Bibby against his dad?

It is difficult to contemplate because these matchups never happened in real life. What if we can simulate it in a tournament format and let them play against each other. In this case, I'll let the computer decide who will win. I will simulate these matchups and determine who is the greatest player on NBA 2K12. If you have other matchups in mind please comment and I'll put it on the list. Updates of each matchup games will posted here.

Here are the possible games to be played on Blacktop Mode:

Dwight Howard (Current Magic) vs Shaquille O'Neal (94-95 Magic)

Bill Russel (64-65 Celtics) vs Wilt Chamberlain (70-71 Lakers)

Michael Jordan (85-86 Bulls) vs Michael Jordan (97-98 Bulls)

Julius Erving (76-77 Sixers) vs Elgin Baylor (64-65 Lakers)

Patrick Ewing (94-95 Knicks) vs Hakeem Olajuwon (93-94 Rockets)

Vlade Divac (01-02 Kings) vs Vlade Divac (90-91 Lakers)

Kobe Bryant (Current Lakers) vs Kobe Bryant (97-98 Lakers)

Penny Hardaway (94-95 Magic) vs Kevin Durant (Current Thunder)

Tim Hardaway (90-91 Warriors) vs Chris Paul (Current Hornets)

Tim Duncan (Current Spurs) vs Tim Duncan (97-98 Spurs)

Michael Jordan (95-96 Bulls) vs LeBron James (Current Heat)

Carmelo Anthony (Current Knicks) vs Julius Erving (84-85 Sixers)

Larry Bird (85-86 Celtics) vs Magic Johnson (86-87 Lakers)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (86-87 Lakers) vs Lew Alcindor (70-71 Bucks)

Dwyane Wade (Current Heat) vs Oscar Robertson (70-71 Bucks)

Pete Maravich (70-71 Hawks) vs Deron Williams (Current Nets)

Dominique Wilkins (85-86 Hawks) vs Blake Griffin (Current Clippers)

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