The world has reached 7 billion people for the first time and statistics have shown that we are going to become more crowded in the years to come. There has been a lot of fuzz about who is going to be the 7 billionth person on Earth. The United Nations just recognized the person, rather baby, as the 7 billionth individual. The baby girl, named Danica, was born at the Jose Fabella Hospital in Manila, Philippines. Her parents Camille and Florante Camacho must have been proud parents to have her in this world. But in an impoverished country suffering from an explosive population growth, that birth as with other babies born across the islands is a growing concern and not a sign to celebrate that we have reached that population milestone. It's not all about our mad affection of Guinness Book of World Records of some sort.

Twelve years ago, we had the 6 billionth baby in the name of Lorrize Mae Guevarra, now 12 years old. How can we provide a better future for children when life is getting harder? Can she get finish her education? Will she find a good job? Will she end up getting pregnant at an early age with so many mouths to feed? These are all factors that may have impact on the lives of many. Population growth can bring so many problems to our country if we don't act now!

We are struggling to feed and provide services to each and every person in the country. There is an unequal balance of wealth and government corruption has made it even worse. Now, we are on the midst of battling this serious population issue with the Reproductive Health Bill as the issue that divided society over "pro-life" stances. Contraception and population control remained contentious issues that have to be resolved before its way too late!

Unfortunately, enforcing a one-child policy like that of China may take a greater political will and socially engineer our society. It also has unintended consequence with female-male ratio grossly unequaled. Unless if we are like Thomas Beatie nee Tracy Lagondino.

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