There is only a few weeks to go before NBA 2K12 is officially released to the gaming public but there are already videos surfacing about NBA 2K12's actual gameplay. I can't wait to get my hands dirty but for fans out there, you can get to see it before getting your joysticks in your hands.

In the following videos, you will see the following gameplays:

NBA Playoffs - New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics - NBA 2K12

NBA Regular Season - Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic - NBA 2K12

2012 NBA Finals - Thunder vs Heat - NBA 2K12

NBA All Star Game - Eastern Conference vs Western Conference - NBA 2K12

NBA Greatest Players - Patrick Ewing vs Penny Hardaway-Shaquille O'Neal - NBA 2K12

NBA Greatest Players - Michael Jordan vs Alonzo Mourning - NBA 2K12

NBA Greatest Players - Hakeem Olajuwon vs David Robinson - NBA 2K12

NBA Greatest Players - Bulls vs Sonics - NBA 2K12

NBA Greatest Players - Bill Russell and 1964-65 Celtics vs Lakers - NBA 2K12

NBA Pre Draft Interviews - NBA 2K12

NBA Draft - NBA 2K12

What do you think of the game? Comments please...

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