When it comes to the study of the English or foreign language (in her case), we think of octogenarian specialists who spent their entire lifetime studying the minute and the quirky side of the language that we thought we knew inside and out. Well, there is a new breed of philologists that help us learn daily English and not what Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang taught us.

Enter Marina Vladimirovna Orlova (Марина Владимировна Орлова). Just call her Marina, not a ex-KGB operative, an FSB femme fatale, or some crazy Vladimir Putin fan girl. She teaches you the origin of an English word and how it should be used. The power of Youtube has made her a viral sensation and now we can drool over this blonde bosom beauty as we partake in English language education like no other.

Sex really sells especially if you are dealing with mundane and somewhat boring philology lessons and not the usual tweets of dong shots, epic online emotional blowouts, and annoying Facebook trolls. With the hottest woman on the world wide web in your face, what can go wrong? Be like a Korean geek spoonfed with English by their teacher-slash-girlfriend. Let's turn the tables around and be like an American marine who speak Visayan like a typical street bum.

Online popularity is remarkable and this time, I agree the 5-minute fame BS popularized by Andy Warhol. Facebook has compartmentalized our lives into status messages and packaged into small burst of words in Tweets. Segments of our lives are dissected into viral Youtube videos and fakery with Photoshop-retouched profile pictures. This is where our lives are heading.

Friends are now synonymous to followers because we don't get to see them on the flesh all the time. By the way, Microsoft has already bought Skype. Steve Jobs died with iPhone 4 unveiled just in time. Nokia is on the losing battle in the smartphone market. And oh, PS3 still kicks Wii's ass!

Not an ordinary Russian chick, there is something special with her. Sorry Larissa Riquelme but Marina really rocks! Guys continue to drool over her in the cyberspace. I recently learned that "anything" is the most dangerous word in the English language. I still have to ask her about it but the thing is... the world is going to end on December 21, 2012!

Visit her website at www.hotforwords.com and perhaps strike a conversation with her in Twitter @hotforwords.

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