I have been blogging for quite some time now and I have been talking about so many things from my personal life to my favorite past time of telling stories of our distant past. Well, I have been looking for events that will help me better myself. An event that will educate me with the latest techniques and get information on the relevant trends of today's blogosphere.

The Visayan Blogging Summit will hit SM City Cebu like a festive meetup of fresh, new talents and respected, renowned professionals in the world of online content creation. With years of technical and creative know-how, the likes of Kabataan Party-List representative and cyber-activist Raymond Palatino, e-entrepreneur Tim Bennet, social marketing guru Brad Geiser, and Internet marketing consultant Joanne Apat will surely blow my mind away. It would be a big honor to get a chance to talk to these guys and somehow learn from what they have accomplished.

I may be alone but I know it takes such courage and determination to make new changes in the way I express myself online and the manner I speak about what I feel to countless and nameless people visiting my blogs everyday!

See you there bloggers and netizens!

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  1. Hi I'm http://jayseeblabs.blogspot.com Jaysee! Organizer for Visayas Blogging Summit 2011! Congratulations! Hope you had fun! It's so great to have you at the event! Currently judging your pre event post! You can follow my awesome articles at http://facebook.com/jayseeblabs!

  2. Thanks for joining VBS 2011. Currently judging your post for the best pre-event post contest. Hope to see you in the next CBSi events. (:

  3. @jaysee - just followed your link...

    @empress - thanks for the invite


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