Certain Japanese subcultures never ceased to amaze me because of certain practices that may give me brain cramps. Seriously, have you ever thought of a very boring thing and turn it into a steamy and erotic sexualizing fetish? Well the Japanese have perfected to door knob fetish way before Tim Tebow reinvented planking into “Tebowing.”

The likes of Ryuko Azuma and Ai Ehara have perfected the so-called art of licking doorknobs. Perhaps, manufacturers will be happy to supply them door knobs of different sizes and shapes. In fact, this trend became viral and eventually launched Ehara into superstardom as the first-ever “Doorknob Girl” (Is there such a thing?). Together with Azuma, they assembled models who love to perform this “stunt.”

Shojo (young girls) produce sexualized imagery of a girl so na├»ve and innocent but enjoys doorknob licking like no tomorrow. Unfortunately, we would view it as another dong-eating contest with all the wanton sexual voracity. It is an unusual idea to promote doorknob licking as a fad. I hope it won’t become an Olympic sport in the next year’s games. Stay cool Japan!

Your emotion and thoughts can always play trick on you and the idea of touching the hardware with your tongue would always elicit eyebrow-raising and testosterone-spiking spectacle. We always sexualize licking from sucking lollipops to eating bananas. Facial expression may throw us off-guard because it will exploit our notions of foreplay and other forms of sexual adventurisms.

At the end of the day, innuendos and sexual "norms" play a big part in the creationg of this Doorknob Girl phenomena.

For more information of getting into this act, make sure to follow them at Doorknob Girl and RapeMe.

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