I took the opportunity to spend my free time with a once-in-a-while event called the 2011 Visayas Bloggers Summit because of my chance to meet fellow bloggers, e-entrepreneurs, social advocacy leaders, and other interesting people along the way. Besides, everything is for free so why not waste it? I'm writing this not because I want to win something but to express how I feel and what I can do better to make my blog approach much more different but effective at the same time. I've been writing blogs for quite some time but I find the need to reinvent myself and hopefully become relevant in this day and age.

Organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc., the event started with an introduction by the group's president Kevin Ray Chua. Ruben Licera brought up the famous quote of US President John F. Kennedy (not Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon) that goes something like this:  "..ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what can you do for your country..." Anyway, being a blogger is not just a fad, a pastime, a favorite hobby, or a profession that we want to do - it's more than that. There is cause-oriented advocacy and social responsibility that goes along with it. Because Peter Parker's uncle Ben would say "...with every great power comes with great responsibility..."

People have been anticipating hours before the event not because of the prizes to be given away but the knowledge they would gain from men and women who do blogging as part of their lives. Here is what they have to say:

The speakers delivered their message well. Vernon Go talked about how newbies can jumpstart their blogs while Evan Mendoza discussed about the various niches that any prospective blogger can specialize on. Funny guy Chris Tucker, err I mean Ducker, talked about how we can make dollars out of our blogs and let it do the work for us. Pony-tailed Tony Bennett talked about his experience in the world of professional blogging and shared his idea how you can be like him if you follow his marketing training course, which gave for FREE. Social media discussions were shared by Joanne Apat, Globe social marketer Coy Caballes, and PR man Brad Geiser. Social media responsibility were elaborated by Janette Toral and blogger-turned-Congressman Mong Palatino.

All-in-all, I got what I asked for because not only I got great freebies, I also got the chance to have my pictures taken with the lovely Miss Earth beauties like Miss England (Roxanne Smith), Miss Estonia (Xenia Likhacheva), Miss Guatemala (Ana Luisa Montufar), and Miss Guam (Anna Calvo). What more can I ask for? In fact, a guy even said "Forget the mayor (City Mayor Michael Rama was on the house by the way), lets get our pictures taken with these beautiful women.

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  1. Hi JP!!! Wow What a post! Keep it up!
    I am currently one of the judges for the Best VBS 2011 Blog Post.
    Thank you so much for this post! As an organizer, we feel great when our participants learned so much and had so much fun. See you soon into our future events! Please be posted in everything awesome about Cebu and beyond through my Facebook page:

  2. @Jaysee
    It's a great pleasure to become part of the Cebu blogging community...looking forward to post new and fresh content...I'll be posting my exclusive interview with Miss England candidate Roxanne Smith soon...do check it out!


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