Editor's Notes: I never realized how it easy it is to get in touch with celebrities directly with the use of social networking. I can send message to them freely with Twitter but not all of them can answer my messages right away because of privacy and trust issues. Aside from that, celebrities have busy schedules and may have limited time to handle questions from someone in the world wide web.

I was fortunate enough to met one of the 2011 Miss Earth candidates and got the chance to talk to her online. I was impressed not only her physical beauty but the way she handled herself as a representative of her glorious nation. Apart from her lovely accent, Roxanne Smith is one interesting woman with affection for the sweet chocolate treats to the beauty of nature all around her.

Although, I'm never been a fan of beauty pageants, fashion shows, and other so-called "girly" stuff, my girlfriend encouraged me to write something outside of comfort zone. So I tried. Roxanne's favorable impression of her short Cebu detour, prompted me to contact her and make a small interview so that she can talk about her experiences in our country so far.

1. How was your experience in Cebu?

My experience was fantastic.
* - Well, nothing can really top Filipino hospitality if I may say!

2. If you have the chance to live on the island, what are the three things that you want to do?

I would eat lots of mango, travel to as many islands as (I can) poss(ibly) and go to see the underground river...
* - Wondering where could that be. Anyway, it would be lovely to see her with a bag of dried mangoes or a slice of a delectable piece of yellow mango.

3. Describe your daily routine in three words.

Tough, exciting, enjoyable
* - Wow, what can I say? She really loves our place, I'm wondering if she's going back here soon! Anyway, I'll be looking forward to it.

4. What do you do online? How do you get in touch with your fans?

I only use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
* - Great news for netizens out there. She's open to people who would love to strike a good and meaningful conversation with her.

5. Anything you want to say your fans here in Cebu?

Thank you to all those who have supported me and continue to do so, you all made my time in the Philippines so enjoyable :) xoxo
* - You may not have won the competition but I still find you the best candidate there is. Good luck to your feature endeavours. Keep on rocking Roxanne. Keep in touch as always.

Photo Credits: http://pageantgirl.co.uk

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