What's really with the late Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il? It seems North Korea is a real world version of what we find on the anime from colorful henchmen to bloodthirsty villains hoping to destroy the world we live in. With Japan and South Korea wanting to keep this hermit regime in check, many of its citizens are going on with their lives like the people living in the ultramodern Capsule City.

There will come a time when his successor Kim Jong Un, the Android 19 lookalike, will unleash the might of the Korean People's Army on to the South. Perhaps echoing the time when the Red Ribbon Army hunted Son Gokou down. The awesome destruction that a nuclear war would bring would be far too costly the way the Super Saiyans tried to destroy Gokou's world. We don't have real-life Dragonballs to change the outcome of a catastrophic war brought about by mentally-unstable and trigger happy North Korean hardline communists.

We may never know if the North Koreans are transforming some its men into an android army. We would have a lovely cosplay contest when Pokemon meets Dragonball, North Korean style.

Photo Credits: http://www.io9.com

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