Babies are simply adorable because they always amaze us about the way they discover the world around them. What makes it more special is the way they communicate for the first time. After all, its their first word that is the most precious thing parents would always anticipate.

In fact, the parents would always document it in any way they can when their baby first learn to utter a word. Feels like the way Buzz Aldrin first walk on the moon. Here are the first five words that babies speak:

When the baby comes out of the womb, it is their mother that they always get their first contact. That is why mama is the baby's first word because all babies love their mother. Mothers anticipate the first word that comes out of their baby.

"Papa / Dada"
When the baby's first word is papa or dada, many fathers would feel the excitement from their baby's first intelligible mumble. It is the language of affection that all fathers want to hear. Besides, papa or dada is a very easy word to say as it easily rolls off the baby's tongue.

All babies love other babies too. Aside from their parents, the baby will soon interact someone from their age. Baby is a pretty simple word to say, just ask Justin Bieber!

Bye-bye is a popular word that many babies would say when someone is introduced to them. It is easy to teach your baby to say bye-bye as an important courtesy greeting to someone being introduced to them.

When they get hungry, babies repeatedly say "goo-goo" as if they are demanding for their milk bottle. They speak with excitement every time the mother shows them a warm bottle of milk.

At this time, babies don't have developed vocal cords and so they have difficulties pronouncing basic words. The amazing thing is that babies try to mimic what their parents say. After all, the baby's speech is the language that binds them with their parents.

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