I was fortunate to get in touch with a Filipino-Norwegian blogger (www.therebelchic.com) who loves to write about her life in Stavanger, Norway and her everyday adventure of living like a normal teenager. She writes her vivid recollections of her interesting love life and constant duels with personal issues and life-changing crises.

1. Hello, how are you doing? Can you tell us about yourself and what do you do? How did you wound up in Stavanger, Norway?

I’m good. Right now I’m watching news on tv with my parents, pet and my bf. About me? My name is Cristina and I’m an accounting student of the University of Stavanger. I’m from Manila and I moved here in Sauda 6 years ago. I wound up in Stavanger because I had to go to a Norwegian language course before I could take up a regular course in any school here. 

2. This is my first time to interview someone like you. If you are given the choice, do you prefer Norwegian men over Filipino guys? Why do you think so?

That’s a tough question. I think that Filipino guys and Norwegian guys share almost the same qualities. I mean that there are good guys, bad guys, gentlemen and so on. We shouldn’t judge a group or groups of people based on their nationality and/or race. I don’t choose a boy based on his birthplace but on the way he is as an individual.  

3. I found you blog so interesting that I can’t resist but ask, what inspired you to blog? What keeps you going in your online life? I mean, we have different priorities in our real life and what we do on the Internet so how do you separate these?

Thank you. My interest for blogging started when we got our first pc at home. I think it was my love for taking pictures that got me started. I wanted to share the pictures and stories behind them. And blogging is also a good way to share things that happen with my friends. My friends and family abroad keeps me going online. 

4. Have you ever heard about the Philippines? What do you know about our country and about our people? Know someone from here? Any plans of visiting here soon?

Of course! I was born there! We were on a 2 month vacation there last year and might go there next year. 

5. I, myself, am a video game enthusiast as well. Do you love first-person shooter like Call of Duty and Battlefield? or strategy and RPG games? Which games to kick guy butt?

I love first-person shooter games (I’ve tried Call of Duty but I didn’t like it much), racing, rpg and fighting games. Gears of War 3 and Left for Dead 2 are my favorite games.

6. I appreciate you for taking the time to talk to me. Do you have a message to your readers and to the people here in the Philippines? You can say something in Norwegian if you want to.

You’re welcome. It’s an honor to be interviewed by a great blogger in the blogger community. And to my family, readers and friends in the Philippines, thank you for always believing in me and I love you nanay Aguida my 92 year old lola in Southern Leyte.

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