Being a blogger doesn't mean that you have live in a cave and write anything till it bores you to death. The good thing about blogging is that you get the opportunity and privilege to get to know interesting people that you can't normally do. There are lots of bloggers who have their thoughts and opinions that totally get you in their shoes. One of the interesting people that I got to know online was a true-blue Tumblr afficionado. Although, I'm usually bias towards to Wordpress and Blogspot guys, Tumblr is one interesting platform that I haven't fully utilized yet.

A lovely girl with lots of creative juices flowing as evident on her blog sites and You don't need to be a Twitterati celebrity like Ashton Kutcher, a beauty queen like Roxanne Smith, or just the faceless netizen who uses the Internet everyday. I decided to bug her and get to know her in a way that no brave men have done before. As Buzz Lightyear would say, " infinity and beyond...," Woody would have been proud to what I made.

Here is what we talked about:

1. Hello, how are you doing? Can you tell us about yourself and what do you do

- Hi, I’m doing just fine. Whew. I don’t know how to start this whole tell-something-about-yourself thing. Well, as you already know, my name is Lani but my closest friends often call me Lance. I do blogs, but not as bigtime as you do. Haha. I’m from Tarlac City, way up North of the Philippines. And I’m currently a TV Host/Writer on a Cable TV Network (PEPTV), North of Manila (Pampanga, Tarlac, Bulacan, Bataan). I do this hosting/writing job, part-time, for a year now. And i’m a full-time Communication Arts student. :)

She seems to look a lot like Lani Misalucha, don't you agree?
2. I consider myself as a “Swiss army knife” and Renaissance Man rolled into one, do you consider yourself as a jack-of-all trades too? If so, why? What skills are you planning to learn?

- I actually consider myself as a “jack-of-all-trades”. Or let’s use a much simpler term. I’m a “generalist”. I’m always eager to explore and do ALL things, all the time. I don’t want to just sit down and do nothing. I always wanted to be in action. It’s why, I think, I’ve gone through all kinds of contest. Sports, Writing Contests, Quiz bees, Singing Contests, Dance Contests, Pageants, Public Speaking Contests, Student Council Elections and the like. And luckily, I’ve excelled on each one of those contests.

But there’s still two skills that I  would want to learn about. I want to learn how to COOK and to SWIM! Well because I so love eating, I really have to learn how to cook. And since I’m afraid of large bodies of water, I’m desperate to learn how to swim! :)

3. I found your blog so interesting that I can’t resist but ask, what inspired you to blog? What keeps you going in your online life? I mean, we have different priorities in our real life and what we do on the Internet so how do you separate these?

- Since I call myself as a “generalist”, I was curious about the vast world of the internet. So I’ve tried to find something that would suit my interests and my talent as well. That’s when I thought about blogging.

And what keeps me going in my online life? I’m kinda fed-up with writing on my journals and reading novels. Haha. I was bored. I wanted to do something new. As I’ve said, I always wanted to be in action. I always wanted to learn something new and interesting. And I’ve got this sudden enthusiasm with fashion, and all of the blogging world. And also,a little influence from friends and colleagues keeps me hyped online.

When it comes to balancing my priorities, I’m so lucky that my job and what I do in school is kind of the same interest as what I do on the internet. I do my own research and scripts for my show, it’s why I really spend a lot of time on the internet. And with schooling, I see to it that I still have time for reading notes during after surfing the internet.

4. Your Tumblr page looks lovely, how do you keep it fresh and unique? With the adjectives mentioned in your Twitter profile, how do you rank these attributes from 1-10?

Twitter Profile: Communication Arts Student. Journalist/Writer. Rizalian. Local TV Host. Swag fangirl. Sprinter/Running Champ. Bookworm. Dancer. Beauty Queen. Committed.

- To tell you honestly, I don’t update my Tumblr and Blogspot accounts that much. With Tumblr, I keep it unique, fresh and lovely by looking for stuff (such as images, gif’s, etc) that I’d love to see posted on my page. And eventually, see these stuff on my followers’ pages as well. What I post on Tumblr suits my passion and interest. Like clothes, bags, shoes, Basketball, and running. And with my Blogspot acct, that I’ve created just recently, I post blogs of my love and life story. Such stories include the life, struggles, and happy days of me and my boyfriend. I want to inspire others who might read my blog, through the mystical power of LOVE. :)

Oh, and about my Twitter profile which says A LOT about me! With 10 being the highest, 1 would be Swag fangirl; 2-Bookworm; 3-Sprinter/Running Champ; 4-Dancer; 5-Beauty Queen; 6-Rizalian; 7-Local TV Host; 8-Journalist/Writer; 9-Communication Arts Student and 10-Committed. :)

I think she has what it takes to venture into showbiz

5. Just to let you know, I’m a true-blue Bisdak (Bisaya). How will you communicate with us without speaking a single word? What is the first three things that you want to do when you visit Cebu for the very first time?

- Though I don’t know any Bisaya word, I think just a smile would say a lot, break the ice and would make way for us to communicate. We have lots of different dialects here in the Philippines, but that won’t separate us from the fact that we are all Filipinos of the same race. And I believe, we all share this unexplainable bond that we don’t even need words for us to understand each other. And, as we all know, Filipinos are known all over the world for being extremely hospitable people. With this, little acts of hospitality will surely make us communicate without even saying any single word.

Well the first three things I want to do when I visit Cebu are; First, visit the Magellan’s Cross. Because I’m a Roman Catholic and a really devoted one. Second, I also want to see the Image of Sto. Nino that is considered to be the oldest religious relic in the Philippines. And lastly, I’d love to wander around Cebu and eat all good foods I’ve heard about!

6. If you have superpowers, what power do you want to have? Why?
- It isn’t a superpower actually. You know, may I say, that I’m such a huge BATMAN fan? I’m a solid fangirl of Batmaaaaaaaan! And I’m heartily inspired by how he plays hero. He does good deeds but he doesn’t care if he gets acknowledged nor perished. I always wanted to be like BATMAN. A dark knight. I may not have superpowers and people may not know about me, but with my wits, guts, and wealth, I want to help in every single way that I can.

7. I appreciate you for taking the time to talk to me. Do you have a message to your readers and to the people here in Cebu? Any last words?

- I’m grateful for this chance to be featured on your blog. It’s an honor. Hmm, any message? Well my last words would be; Though we are from different sides of the archipelago, I’m really looking forward to visiting Cebu and know more about the Philippines’ top tourist destination! :) I’ve heard a lot about Cebu and as a Northern-er (I know there isn’t such a word), I’d be glad to head South and explore the beauty of Cebu! And for all the readers of Istoryadista’s blog and all other blogs out there, let’s all be inspired by the unsung heroes of today, the writers and bloggers of today. Please hear our thoughts, and be inspired! And though this may sound silly and overrated- Let us all make a change! :)

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