Whether you're a Japanophile, a die-hard cosplayer, a true-blue otaku, or not, there comes a time that you fantasize about the idea of being in your favorite anime or perhaps entertain the idea of dating a cool Japanese chick that doesn't indulge in doorknob-licking pursuits. If you are lucky enough to have a Japanese girlfriend that looks like a Misa Campo or a Meisa Kuroki then you are in for a big surprise. Thinking of the idea of inviting them on your room? Think again, Japanese chicks have their own pet peeves when going in to a guy's room.

You don't want to have a nuclear meltdown of rage in biblical proportions in your own room right? Contain it before it gets out of hand. Throw away all the things that will get their attention. If you don't know which is which then consider the five items that they hate. Remember, when it comes to dating Japanese chicks and women in general - "first impression really lasts!"

Some items on the list may baffle while some are taken for granted. Here you go, the five things Japanese chicks hate to see in a guy's room:

Who really loves gambling? Men. Women, in general, hates it so who in the right mind would love to have a man who worships gambling more than putting his wife / girlfriend on the pedestal? Even gambling-related publications, from pachinko to horse racing, are seemingly viewed as "pornography." Let's face it, girls love to be adored and they never overlook even the small and mundane things. So guys, pay attention to your significant other. At the end of the day, women hate men who gambles because money is wasted. Relationships should not be based on odds and chances.

Self-narcissistic guys often place their portrait by the bedside in a pornstar-like fashion. Women hates men that think of themselves as egoistic sex gods. Japanese chicks don't dig men who worship themselves like Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James.

Whether you're a closeted Celine Dion fan or one of the growing legion of Justin Bieber "beliebers," it would be a bad idea to let a chick find out that you have an extensive poster collection of your idol. Remember, your girl doesn't want to be compared to your idol.

Although Japanese chicks love to emulate their favorite anime characters, some of them hate the idea when it comes to cross-dressing. Besides, women tend to think differently if they see women's bras or underwear in a man's closet. She could think that you're gay, a perverted cross-dresser, or a guy with a serious case of underwear fetish. At the end of the day, there is a thin red line that separates the love for idol goods to serious cosplay.

Guys love scale-model airplanes or replica action figures as collectibles but the idea of putting life-like and life-size moe dolls and figurines can be surprising for some women. You don't want to rub them the wrong way by showing that you still play with sex dolls on your spare time, do you? "Moé" is the Japanese slang used to refer to super cute, big-eye characters -- typically young females. Don't kiss your dolls, get the real girl smooch.

And the number one killer of crappy boyfriends thing that Japanese chicks hate is... - anything belonging to an ex-girlfriend. It's damn obvious! Who wants to enter a room when relics of the past are still up for scrutiny. You don't have to be an experienced CSI guy to notice a worn-out picture of a place destroyed by a crappy relationship that sunk faster than the RMS Titanic. Just like the way men hate their girl keeping pictures of their old flames, it goes the same way for women too!

In general, women find the ex-GF stuff slightly more disagreeable than moé anime toys. This adds up to the fact that Japanese women really don't like anime posters, figures, and computer desktops in their men's rooms - perhaps they don't like the competition posed by these bosom beauties.

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