I enjoy great pleasure of listening to fairy tale stories when I was a kid because all the fantasies that the weak and powerless can beat all odds and "live happily ever after." Unfortunately, fantasy can never be reality because law of nature, the "survival to the fittest mantra" is already hard-coded. Despite certain limitations, many of us aspired for perfection and reach the pedestal of success. In the world of sports, fans really love a true underdog story, great upsets, and Cinderella finishes.

Social networking is on a buzz with the fever pitch adulation of Christian gentleman and NFL poster boy Tim Tebow. This time, the razzmatazz spilled on the hardwood as a then-unknown undrafted, Harvard alum, Golden State Warriors reject, and Taiwanese-American hoopster Jeremy Lin burst out from the scene and helped save the stagnating and underachieving New York Knicks into an early season exit (hopefully!). Without bringing the race card, the NBA is definitely dominated African-American athletes because of their superb physical conditioning, athletic abilities, and high basketball skills. Bringing an Asian Ivy leaguer with difficult career prospects in the line, the chances of success is quite impossible. It's really a tall order and no one gave Lin any chance of getting a shot of success in the NBA. In fact, he even sleep on the couch on his brother's cramped apartment in the Big Apple.

Amidst the bright lights of Manhattan, the religiously-devout Lin never wavered on his faith and decided to work even harder to achieve his dreams of showing his skills on the biggest basketball stage - the world's most famous arena - Madison Square Garden. It is where legends were made from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant.

Here is Lin's spectacular games so far:

February 4: Home game vs New Jersey: 25 points, 7 assists
February 6: Home game vs. Utah Jazz: 28 points, 8 assists
February 8: Road game vs. Washington Wizards: 23 points, 10 assists*
* - Lin became the first player since LeBron James in 2003 and just the sixth since 1970 to have at least 20 points and eight assists in his first two starts
February 10: Home game vs. Los Angeles Lakers: 38 points**, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals
** - career high

Although, there was Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming, Li Jianlian, and Sun Yue before him, Lin has phenomenal rise beyond your wildest imagination. His amazing play-making skills made his teammates look good, just ask Tyson Chandler, Steve Novak, and Bill Walker.

Can he overcome the expectations of Knicks fans? As a backup-backup point guard, Baron Davis will come back from his injuries and his minutes will probably dwindle down. When Carmelo Anthony and Amaré Stoudemire come back, the delicate chemistry of the team will be affected. Although they won without those guys, how will they fare when they made it to the playoffs? So many questions left unanswered, perhaps only Lin can answer those riddles.

It's Linsanity to the max!

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