We think we know who we are but there are many things we don't realize - good and bad things about being Pinoy. Whether we have certain things of doing things right and getting above the law, we have certain traits and characteristics that makes us Filipinos. But the question is, are we proud of it?

I have been watching a series of social commentaries and satirical shows of Word of the Lourd, hosted by Lourd de Veyra, lately and I found it very interesting that he tackled every social issues affecting our country. He never took sides and did best in showing why we should wake up from our deep slumber. We need to root out political corruption, social degeneration, personal bad habits, and everything that is wrong in our country.

Uncertain / Unsure About Everything
When we are unsure of certain things or situation, we tend to supply an expression to fill out the blanks that could mean anything. Have you heard "Titingnan ko (We'll see)" or "Gagawan natin ng paraan (We'll find a way)?" Does it mean that we are just not articulate enough? Jose Rizal would be furious at us. No wonder he said, "Ang hindi lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa kanyang patutunguhan." Lourd sums it up "Tayong mga Pilipino ay hari ng walang katiyakan. Kaya malabo rin ang ating gustong patunguhan bilang isang bayan." Have you tried the dead air filler of "Ano..." when you want to say something that you really can't explain?

Too Merciful
Don't get me wrong but Filipinos are sometimes too friendly and merciful. Unfortunately, we have this "delihensya" culture where plead for mercy when we can something to better ourselves. Are we just plain lazy?

Doing Things Differently
We can be irreverent at times. Does it reflect on the public officials we voted? We can only answer it if we look ourselves on the mirror. Unfortunately, we do things differently here!

Blind Religiousity
Filipinos are proud to be the predominantly Catholic country in Asia but do we know more from what we believe in? Many of us fumble when we are asked even the most the simple things that make our faith. Oh dear!

Votes Corrupt Officials in Power
We hate corrupt people on power but we keep on voting them in the first place. Why? Does it mean that we have to do this "People Power" thing all over again? How about a President we never voted in power so why let that person stay in power for 9 years? We can also have ourselves to blame!

Know-It-All but Ignorant
Filipinos are usually "nagmamarunong." We think we know it all but deep inside we don't know knothing about current events happening in the country and we meander around the issue. Instead, we know more about showbiz scandals and breakups even more!

Lechon Lover
We always love roast pig and it serves as the centerpiece of every feast we partake. But the pigs in power never go away yet we keep them on their seats. We should roast these corrupt and crooked politicians on their juices.

Good Singers?
We have so many great singers that we can't count of. Sometimes there are the worst of us, improvisation and creative thinking should be a big plus to an American Idol audition. Does inventing our lyrics count? We love to sing "My Way" when so many people got killed because of that song.

Lack of Historical Knowledge
Though Andres Bonifacio is a famous historical figure, we don't more about him. We mistaken him as Apolinario Mabini or Jose Rizal. Why? Lack of historical knowledge perhaps? Who killed Bonifacio? Batman? Sheesh, no wonder some Filipinos flunk.

Just like eggs, there are delicious and rotten people in politics. Some of them don't have the balls to face the truth.

"Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan. Kung gusto, maraming paraan." Need to say more?

Basketball Fanatic
We have always a basketball-crazy nation because whenever there are big sporting events, our lives revolve around it. Perhaps our life and fate is like basketball, we have to choose sides - the yin or the yang.

Bully or Bullied?
We tend to bend over the rules and take advantage of certain things to get personal gains. But there is one big bully that we can't get over the hump - corrupt public officials, powerful oligarchs, and global superpowers. You do the math and you'll know why.

Endure the Unendurable
We are contented for what we have that is why we don't see progress. Although patience is a virtue but does it mean that we have to endure uneven road when we go to work? Do we have to accept that corruption is the normal way of life in our country?

"Palakasan" Culture
We love sports but not all sports get the support. We support the glamorous Azkals more than the rather unknown Dragon Boat Team. We should support sports that we're good at.

Much Ado About Accessories
We love colorful items inside our cars. No wonder, jeepneys have certain items that we don't normally see from decals to furry stuffed toys. Aesthetic interest in art is what it is.

The Way We Talk and Express Ourselves
See the difference in the language we use when referring similar things in different situations? We tend to have double standards when censoring information on television. What do we need to know? How about sarcastic sideswipes from one of your friends? When it comes to social networking, we do stupid things just to be noticed by the online community.

We know what is right and wrong but some of us do the later anyway. Politicians don't have conscience as they use public money for personal gain.

Loves to Eat and Drink
We love to share our food to your family and friends as a way of socializing with people. Even if your food you're eating are reduced to morsels. We also have this quirky habit of not eating the last slice of pizza or the last glass of Coke because we don't want to be judged as the person who ate or drank a lot. By the way, Jun Sabayton is the man!

Bad Names
Ever since last names were introduced in 1849, some Filipinos have acquired interesting and quirky surnames. Do you want to be named Bolbolito Bayagbag Jr.?

Different Sides to Sorry
Being sorry is the mark of being civil but sorry doesn't result to forgiveness. Remorse is the missing piece when it comes to asking for forgiveness. Maybe we should ask PGMA for this.

Baptism for New Shoes
When I have a new pair of Nike, I don't use it and show it to my friends right away because I know that they will take time stomping it until I see scratches and blemishes. I guess that's the Filipino way.

We are not ashamed to urinate or spit on public but not when we release a putrid smell of intestinal air. Why is it so? There is no written rule to it. Smokers tend to smoke on non-smoking areas while some people spit anywhere like there's no tomorrow. There are so many single mothers nowadays even though parents and authorities provide serious advice against premarital sex.

We know that life is difficult and buying the things we want can be costly. So we buy pirated and counterfeit goods from China to supplement our need for a touchscreen mobile phone or a flat-screen TV. Does it mean that we can't do anything about it? We love everything in small pieces.

Blaming Game
We always play the blaming game when things doesn't go our way. We attribute our misfortunes and shortcomings to other people. Everyone is to be blame and even God.

"Balato," "Delihensya," and "Utang na Loob" Culture
Although we are naturally gentle and friendly people but we tend to abuse it like asking for someone as if we are entitled to their money. People who don't give back are treated as pariahs of some sort. Does it mean that people have to depend on someone and not work hard to achieve what the person has attained? Before I forget, you can never pay a debt of gratitude when you're a Filipino.

It's the Nguso Thing
We tend to use our lips to point directions when it is much easier and understandable to point our fingers.

Appearance First
We want to look good always but in a certain way.

Respectful or Not
We keep wondering why some of us bow our heads put our arms in front as if we are swimming when we pass by people talking? All we have to do is say "excuse me." Unfortunately, we also tend to break the rules even if signs and billboards say otherwise. One person said this:

Bakit hindi ka mo?
-Merong Kalsada, wala namang sidewalk
-Merong sign na bawal magtapon, wala namang basurahan
-Merong pedestrian lane, hindi naman masyadong nakikita kasi kumukupas na ang pintura.
-Merong overpass pero meron namang pedestrian lane lang sa gilid
-Merong mga sign na nagbabawal, wala namang kaukulang parusa
-Merong mang parusa, hindi naman pinaparusahan
...ang pagbabago ay nagsisimula sa pag-unawa.

Filipino Time
We hate to say this but we have to admit that there is such thing as Filipino time. Agreeing upon a time that is not definite is somewhat confusing to some but Filipinos agree that the person that you will be waiting for will arrive at any time of their own choosing.

Now back to the question I asked earlier, are you still proud of being a Filipino? Let me know your thoughts and insights.

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  2. I really love this show! Shows Pinoys ups and downs when we talk about culture.


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