"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

I understand that women take a lot of time doing their makeup because they want to look good. Guys can fall for the beautiful twinkling eyes of any girl. They may not look like someone with the big, mysterious doe eyes of Allison Harvard of the America's Next Top Model fame but emulating the look of anime look has become the trend nowadays. Cosplays and following Japanese pop culture has now gone mainstream.

Teens follow the trend seriously that some of them have gone to great lengths to make their eyes look like the real thing. In fact, the Japanese invented this Internet craze and the Chinese have caught up with this lovapalooza by posting their Photoshopped-picture of big eyes. Internet curiosities are no longer the freak shows of the olden days, it is now the kawaii, the cool, and the hip!

Anime eyes are for real, just ask Allison!
Before, people go gaga over the emergence of cheap, multicolored contact lenses. Nowadays, the bigger, the better. Today's teenagers are now infiltrated with the obsession of seeing lovely women and Japanese idols with big eyes. Really big eyes!

Is it unreal? Well, there are people that have big eyes and disproportional to their face shape, size, and symmetry. Eyes in comic books and video games may be out of this world but there is this affection to the unreal. Let's cut the racist card here but many East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese) have prominently "small" eyes depending upon how you judge them. The traditional sense of beauty is now being challenged with the advent of Western consumerism and the changing social understanding of beauty itself.

If you have to back in time, the trend may have its roots from the unlikeliest of people - Walt Disney. It was his cartoons that planted the seeds of the lovely big eyes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The Japanese jumped the bandwagon when famed animator Tezuka Osamu introduced Astroboy to the world. The rest is history and the "big-eyed look" is now synonymous to Japanese anime.

Dakota Rose really looks like a doll!

As the big-eyed trend took japan by storm, it was online makeup guru Michelle Phan who helped introduced this fad to Western audiences. Perhaps, the greatest influence of this Japanese trend is strikingly magnified in Lady Gaga's hit music video "Bad Romance."

The celebrated artist appeared in the video with a gigantic googly eyes. Nicky Minaj picked up the ante with her music video "Stupid Hoe" while Internet celebrity and big eye au naturelle Dakota Rose became famous and huge hit in Japan.

As more photos emerged showing individuals with outrageously big eyes, many people are now flirting with changing their look via software manipulation and cosmetic surgery. Whatever you describe "big eyes," these can be cute for some, amazingly freaky for others, and even way disturbing for my taste!

What's your opinion?

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  1. I love the anime eye make-up look :3 but when it comes to everyday make-up, I would not wear it. Only for cosplaying of course! :) because it IS kawaii, but not for everyday casual wear. :p

  2. Wow, please show us how you look...


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