The Netherlands is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a constituent country. It is placed in North-West Europe and include some Caribbean islands.

The Dutch national football team (Netherlands national football team) have a few nicknames: “Clockwork Orange”, “Holland”, “Oranje”, “The Flying Dutchmen”. Their first international game was played in 1905 (4-1 win over Belgium). The team has won the UEFA EURO 1988 in West Germany, and also played at 4 semi-finals through the years. The Netherlands also have 3 silver medals from FIFA World Cup tournaments: in 1974, 1978 and 2010. Prior to EURO 2012, the team’s аll-time top goalscorer is Patrick Kluivert with 40 goals.

Here are the orange-clad ladies from the Netherlands (don't forget to vote):

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