Spain (officially the Kingdom of Spain) is an Iberian country in southwestern Europe. It is the second largest in the European Union with a total area of 504,030 square kilometres.

The Spanish national football team is also known as “La Roja” or “La Furia Roja”. Their first international performance was back in 1920 (win 1-0 against Denmark). The team is current European champion, being won the UEFA EURO trophy twice: in 1964 and 2008. In 1984 Spain reached the final. The country is also the 2010 FIFA World Cup winner. Before EURO 2012, the team’s all-time top goalscorer is David Villa with 51 goals.

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  1. Mis oraciones están con las leyendas del fútbol del mundo de hoy, la España! Haga todo lo posible para defender el campeonato y reverberan el legado de la invención de la nueva norma en el mundo del fútbol. Ir España. Ustedes son los Champians del Mundo ...


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