I have spent sleepless nights trying to watch all the games of the UEFA Euro 2012 because I want to see the great football players in the world play at the highest level. Although Brazil and Argentina are not on the same page, the Euro is just like the FIFA World Cup but on a more competitive scale considering the fact that most of the elite teams are in Europe.

Unfortunately, I did miss some of the games especially the crucial ones. Poland and Ukraine are on the other side of the timezone so I really have to keep myself awake at 2AM just to wait for the live streaming feeds to load the games. I have to to understand what the commentators are saying if the English feeds of Al Jazeera, ITV, BBC, or ESPN stop showing. Although, I really love to hear the Spanish commentators shouting like drag queens in this manner - "Fernando Torres GOL... GOOOOLLL!!" or the signature "Golaso...golaaasssooo..."

I also have to deal with the choppy streaming, the annoying ads that cover up the whole video, or the pop up windows that flood up my screen. It doesn't matter if Mario Balotelli and the Azzuri manages to pull a mighty upset on La Furia Roja, the reigning and defending European and World champions. Fortunately, I found some interesting links with the full videos of the games of the 2012 UEFA European Championship.

So if you missed out the excitement, relive the tournament and watch it here!

Note: Click on the scores to check out the videos (full videos in full hyperlink, two-part videos are hyperlink in first/second score.

Group A

 Czech Republic320145−16
Greece were placed above Russia based on their head-to-head record (1–0).
8 June 2012
Poland 1–1 Greece
Russia 41 Czech Republic
12 June 2012
Greece 12 Czech Republic
Poland 11 Russia
16 June 2012
Czech Republic 10 Poland
Greece 1–0 Russia

Group B

9 June 2012
Netherlands 0–1 Denmark
Germany 1–0 Portugal
13 June 2012
Denmark 2–3 Portugal
Netherlands 1–2 Germany
17 June 2012
Portugal 21 Netherlands
Denmark 12 Germany

Group C

 Republic of Ireland300319−80
10 June 2012
Spain 1–1 Italy
Republic of Ireland 1–3 Croatia
14 June 2012
Italy 11 Croatia
Spain 40 Republic of Ireland
18 June 2012
Croatia 0–1 Spain
Italy 2–0 Republic of Ireland

Group D

Ukraine were placed above Sweden based on their head-to-head record (2–1).
11 June 2012
France 1–1 England
Ukraine 2–1 Sweden
15 June 2012
Ukraine 02 France
Sweden 23 England
19 June 2012
England 1–0 Ukraine
Sweden 2–0 France

Knockout stage

21 June – Warsaw
  Czech Republic 0
27 June – Donetsk
  Portugal 1
  Portugal 0 (2)
23 June – Donetsk
  Spain (p) 0 (4)
  Spain 2
1 July – Kiev
  France 0
22 June – Gdańsk
  Germany 4
28 June – Warsaw
  Greece 2
  Germany 1
24 June – Kiev
  Italy 2
  England 0 (2)
  Italy (p) 0 (4)


21 June 2012
20:45 UTC+2
Czech Republic 0–1 PortugalNational StadiumWarsaw
Attendance: 55,590[55]
Referee: Howard Webb (England)

Ronaldo Goal 79'

22 June 2012
20:45 UTC+2
Germany 4–2 GreecePGE ArenaGdańsk
Attendance: 38,751[56]
Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
Lahm Goal 39'
Khedira Goal 61'
Klose Goal 68'
Reus Goal 74'

Samaras Goal 55'
Salpingidis Goal 89' (pen.)

23 June 2012
21:45 UTC+3
Spain 2–0 FranceDonbass ArenaDonetsk
Attendance: 47,000[57]
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
Alonso Goal 19'90+1' (pen.)

24 June 2012
21:45 UTC+3
England 0–0 (a.e.t.) ItalyOlympic StadiumKiev
Attendance: 64,340[58]
Referee: Pedro Proença (Portugal)

Gerrard Scored
Rooney Scored
Young Missed (hit the crossbar)
Cole Missed (saved)
2–4Scored Balotelli
Missed (wide) Montolivo
Scored Pirlo
Scored Nocerino
Scored Diamanti


27 June 2012
21:45 UTC+3
Portugal 0–0 (a.e.t.) SpainDonbass ArenaDonetsk
Attendance: 48,000[59]
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)

Moutinho Missed
Pepe Scored
Nani Scored
Alves Missed
2–4Missed Alonso
Scored Iniesta
Scored Piqué
Scored Ramos
Scored Fàbregas

28 June 2012
20:45 UTC+2
Germany 1–2 ItalyNational StadiumWarsaw
Attendance: 55,540[60]
Referee: Stéphane Lannoy (France)
Özil Goal 90+2' (pen.)
Balotelli Goal 20'36'


1 July 2012
21:45 UTC+3
Spain 4-0 ItalyOlympic StadiumKiev
Referee: Pedro Proença (Portugal)

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