I had the privilege of visiting Singapore to and fro a couple of times already and I have noticed that they have been relatively made a delicate balancing act of controlling the influx of foreigners and expats in to their country. Perhaps, there has been a growing discontent of these people stealing jobs from the local population. We can't blame them.

If you are one their shoes, would you feel the same way too? Let's just say, your neighbor goes into your house unannounced then picks up a couple of things on the fridge and have the nerve to watch television while you're left there with your jaw dropped on the floor. Is that the same analogy to the similar situation in Singapore? Perhaps, you may want to check out the article. Here's an excerpt of the article:

Although the island-nation prides itself for having a successful societal control despite cultural diversity, adding expats into the mix makes the ball game a lot more different. There are X factors that may play a huge role in managing the cultural divide. Expats have their own microcosms and social bubbles that separate them from the rest of the population and with that distinctiveness bring about contentious issues. Sure, nobody is perfect but without cultural sensitivity, anything foreign and different can always rub the locals the wrong way! 
Some expatriates who arrive in Singapore bring bad manners and attitudes from their home country thereby bringing in negative stereotypes like the “fat American,” “drunk Aussie,” or “arrogant Briton” imageries. Do you have these despicable traits that brands you a persona non grata? No one wants a biased comparison but if you don't know then you might as well check out the list...

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