The border dispute in the Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands has escalated dramatically in the past few months as a growing superpower started asserting its political influence, military might, and economic clout over the weaker Southeast Asian nations. The Philippines is one of the countries facing the growing Chinese threat on the horizon.

Many cause-oriented groups, protesters, and even lawmakers have considered the idea of boycotting all Chinese goods. But the question is, does boycotting Chinese goods work for us or blow out right in front of our faces? Remember, the Chinese government has already issued a travel advisory that prohibits their countrymen to visit the Philippines and they composed about half of all tourist arrivals in the country. What will happen to our tourism sector then?

Perhaps our favorite political satirist Lourd de Veyra would have a mouthful on this very contentious issue.

Check out the infographics below and you will know why it is not of our best interest to boycott. But it doesn't mean that we have to get bullied into submission either. We also have to stand for what is right and defend our country.

Is boycotting China a good idea or what? It's for us to find out. Maybe we should start living back in the Stone Age without all the cheap appliances, grocery products, and medicines from the mainland.

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  1. This was also the thing that came to my mind on how we can have a revenge to China since they stop our import of Banana to their country. But without their cheap China products, our life might be hard.

    Scarborough Shoal

  2. Yes it can backfire on us if we do that. A peaceful resolution is needed even if they are playing dirty tricks on us.


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