We usually eat pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and certain game animals for dinner. Whether we prefer a delicious New York strip that Gordon Ramsay would prefer or the rare but delectable reptilian and insect entree, food remains our own weakness.

If you are familiar with video game characters, you may wonder if these animals can be edible and eaten the way we love our beef steak or roast pig. How will you handle your appetite if you will be served with a five-course meal of roasted King Koopa sirloin, a Chocobo egg Benedict, a Ganon cold cut, a bowl of Yoshi tongue stew, and finish off with a Blooper squid cocktail? How about a Cheep-Cheep / Pukupuku sushi with matching wasabi?

The SCION Installation Los Angeles had this exhibition "Pixel Pushers" where it explores the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Whether you're a "cannibal" or vegan lover, you will be amazed at these butcher's diagrams:

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