Istoryadista is always on the look out for creative, interesting, and innovative bloggers. This month, we are featuring a 19-year-old Christian blogger named Angel de la Flor. Her name speaks for itself, a girl with an angelic smile and a flowering personality. We have interviewed her about her blogging pastime, her travel passion, and zest for life has to offer. Keep up with her on Twitter at @angelrawr.

Here is our exclusive interview with Angel:

Can you tell me about yourself?
I am 19; a Christian and proud Filipino by heart, body and soul! =)) I am simple, old-fashioned, and I am with a very gentle personality. I am passionate about Life, I am very optimistic and I always look at life on the brightest side. I believe in constant joy and happiness! Heart more than the external circumstance-- that wherever, whenever and whatever we are we can always celebrate Life. I am a student of Diplomacy and I believe I am a World Changer. :) Politics enthusiast and an active advocate. I love history, arts, culture, geography and languages.

Tell me more about your blogging career? What made you do it and what keeps you going?
Honestly, I don't see blogging as a career. I have a big and an overflowing heart for memories and beautiful things in life. I treasure every priceless moment and I believe that even if I experience the same thing over and over again, each experience is uniquely special. I am very sentimental and I love nostalgia. When I started blogging, I always feel an unexplainable fulfillment and happiness. My blog is a very special place to express all of these.

What is your blogging style?
My blog is very personal and natural. I always write down thoughts from my heart. It is neither technical or opinionated. When I travel, I wouldn't write down specific details of whats and wheres (food, taste, directions , tips, etc), rather I write down my feelings and the soul of experience. I have notebooks for my random thoughts, and I carry it around to secure random insights and reflections. No matter how random they are, I write it down in my blog. I actually don't worry even if what I write and post won't make sense to the readers. I believe I don't have to shape myself to the expect...

What makes your blog special? If you are given three topics to write about in your blogs for the rest of your life, what would those be? Why?
I believe my blog is special because it contains LIFE in it. It is not just a personal journal or a travel and lifestyle blog. I intend it to encourage, to inspire and to make people see how much beauty there is in life. It is not for commercial/fame purposes. If I were given three topics to write about, I would love to spend my entire lifetime teling people about... 1. Passion Most people are missing out life and keeps living out of existence. There is a big difference. I want to awaken and stir up hearts of my readers about the beauty, the purpose, and the reason of life. Be it with travel...

You have great articles and I would like to have you as a guest blogger in my site so that you can promote yours and I can promote mine. What topic can you recommend that I should write about if you would love me to post a guest blog in your site?
I want someone to retell and rewrite the history of the Philippines which significantly includes the Islam nation way back before Magellan discovered the Philippines. (something that the government suppressed in our elementary education) I'm also interested about things of the 90s. In the ever so different world I have today, I'm sometimes badly longing for childhood nostalgia. Also, David Beckham in his early football days, bending it wild, young and free! :)

What are the things that you're proud of? What are your greatest accomplishments?
I have been an academic buff ever since I can remember, but those are not the things that I'm proud of. Hmm, my greatest accomplishment, I guess it is being totally different from most girls my age. =) I never rode along with the trend and yet I find myself content and happy. I still believe in unconditional love, first-and-last relationship, first kiss on wedding day and sex in the context of marriage. I love wisdom. and fulfillment only comes when I get to apply it in my life.

What are your five online pet peeves?
1. Cursing and Hating. Seriously, I don't like it when I see comment threads in Youtube and people are hating. and in 9gag too! Non-sense. 2. I don't get why Facebook installed that "seen at" feature in its Inbox! 3. Too much of self-portraits. :)) 4. Tagging pictures of products and game invites! :) 5. fashion blogs... (Hee!)

What are things that you can’t live without?
My Bible (like super seriously =)), notebook and probably one gadget.

What are you reading right now? What was the last movie you saw? What’s on your music playlist right now?
Reading lots of political books on Comparative Government for now, and two inspirational books-- "It's not about me" by Max Lucado and Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. The Amazing Spiderman I downloaded all Violin Covers of Peter Lee Johnson, Covers of Boyce Avenue and soulful renditions of Kari Jobe.

What is your ultimate fetish and fear factor?
Eiffel Tower icons, stargazing, chasing sunsets and catching sunrise! Fear weird insects, lizards and frogs.

Any last words?
To this awesome blogger, I thank you so much for being interested, but I have to warn you that I'm probably not the professional/popular blogger you're looking for! :)) Anyway, Thank You again and keep up the great job! :))

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  1. Genaro J. RondinaJuly 18, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    Great lady! She has a brilliant mind about her convictions in life. She is the kind that you're gonna take care as blogger.

  2. Genaro J. RondinaJuly 18, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Great lady! She has brilliant mind. She's the kind that you're gonna take care as blogger. :)


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