UPDATE: Its second overseas version, Eat Bulaga! Malaysia will premiere on Malaysia's TV3 on September 2012. Eat Bulaga! Santomense on São Tomé and Príncipe's TVS on January 2013, will be the first Philippine variety show to be franchised by an African country. Eat Bulaga! Timor-Leste will be shown on East Timor's RTTL on February 2013. While Angola will have the overseas version Eat Bulaga! Angola on TPA on March 4, 2013. The sixth overseas version is Eat Bulaga! Moçambique premiering on Mozambique's TVM on March 11, 2013. (Source: wikipedia.org)

The social network is buzzing over the Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc., the producer of the long-running Filipino variety show Eat Bulaga, to export it to Indonesia. Whether it catches on with the Indonesians or not, the first few episodes seem to have taken ground already. Besides, many of our local telenovelas were already accepted as theirs - complete with dubbed dialogues and bylines.

Just as the show is getting started and expected audience to go as high as 100 million people (even greater than that of the Philippines), the show will be syndicated in Malaysia as well! In fact, their top television station TV3 will start airing Eat Bulaga Malaysia on September 2012. Information remain in tight secrecy but it is expected that the show's format and cast of characters will be patterned after the show we grew up loving.

From the lovely female hosts to the sexy EB babes (if there will be), we might expect lovely surprises in this newest TV show franchise to hit this region. Imagine Ally Iskandar standing in as Vic Sotto or Carmen Soo as the lovely girl as co-host. Can ex-Melodi hosts Ziza (Raja Lawak) and Dira Abu Zahar pick up the pieces and be on the show instead? But the million ringgit question remains, who will be the fresh new faces that will light up the TV screens from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu?

Juliana Evans may be one of the shoo-ins as the poster girl for the show. This 22-year-old actress/model will surely captivate the audience with her radiant smile.

The American-born Diana Danielle may become part of the "Dabarkads" or whatever they may call it. Well, it is doubtful if she will be part of the show in the first place.

Though she's a natural-born entertainer, it is doubtful if the 31-year-old actress, singer, and television personality Maya Karin may fit in the show considering that she is known mostly for her choice roles in thriller and supernatural horror films.

The angelic smile of Nur Fazura is simply irresistible. Nuff said.

It will be a toss-up between Nora Hanif and Lisa Surihani for the fresh female face for the show. If you were to decide, who are your choices?

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