Cebu has always been an old city with its rich Spanish heritage still surviving the test of time. It is however, facing an enigmatic conundrum of facing its future without letting go of its past. Downtown Cebu is slowly decaying as old and historic building are left in a state of disrepair and damage while new shopping malls and hotels are being built throughout the metropolis. Heritage conservation is the next big thing that the city should focus on.

Public buses would render jeepneys obsolete
LRT and MRT systems in the metropolis?
The Future Cebu International Airport
Each and every one of us wants to have livable city that we can be proud of. We may not be able to achieve the success that Singapore or Sydney had but we can always start one thing at a time. Cleaning the streets and restoring old and historic structures is one way to attract more and more tourists. Besides, it would be pleasing to the eyes if we see paved sidewalks, tree-lined boulevards, and refurbished famous landmarks.

Twenty years from now, can you imagine yourself walking from Fort San Pedro to the Carbon Market with a heritage conservation project successfully put in place? By that time, MRT and LRT systems would be transporting passengers to and fro, the airport would have been bigger, new shopping complexes are in all corners of the city, and people would be living much better than their predecessors by then. Unfortunately, we have long way to go to achieve such lofty dreams.

What is in store for us in the future?

Charette 2011 Pedestrianization of areas in downtown Cebu (Customs is notably misspelled in the video)

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