We Filipinos are a proud people, even more when Manny Pacquiao wins a fight or someone (with Filipino blood) is gaining popularity in the United States. I know we have the talent and skills to be in the pantheon of the world's best but do we have to be so vain about getting the Guiness Book of World Records for having the world's largest longganisa? It's our unhealthy obsession that we don't realize.

The problem is that we take pride on almost everything imaginable just to prop up our false sense of nationalism. We have this cultural cringe and inferiority complex because we are not as economically successful as Singapore or we are not culturally rich as China. It doesn't mean that we have to embellish our Filipino identity with everything mundane and ordinary, we must be proud for who we are and not we want to be.

We tend to attach "world-class" to someone who achieved tremendous accomplishments beyond their wildest imaginations. Unfortunately, we tend to abuse it to the hilt to the point that all 90-million Filipinos are associated with such success. Remember, the term means something that can be recognized over the globe.

Just because someone entered a reality singing competition and got the 15 minutes of fame he/she wanted doesn't have to mean that he/she has "world-class" talent. They have to prove their talents to the world first then they have the right to be called as such. Self-proclaimed accolade is different than those recognized by people around the world.

Another issue we have about this type of "nationalism" is when some local, semi-retired, down-the-hill, and oftentimes "laos" celebrities going abroad (preferably the United States, more specifically Los Angeles in California) to shoot their movie. All of a sudden, celebrity talk show hosts and news anchors branded them as "Holywood" or "International" stars. Why? They haven't even cracked big roles in Hollywood films in the first place let alone showcased their "world-class" talents. Perhaps, they were just shooting a film with B-movie actors and other wannabe Holywood dreamers like them too! Go figure.

Lastly, we all love the platitudes of having the "best" of everything trivial. We don't have the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa that Dubai has but we are proud to have Lolong, the world's biggest crocodile in captivity. How can we be so gullible and being proud for such an animal when we don't anything to do with its stature. Although, it sure to have eaten a lot of people before. Yes, we have other important things that we can be proud of but we should never go down and be a contented with all these world record BS.

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