Let's face, adolescence spikes up any young guy hormones to raging proportions. When you reach that time in your life when you start getting interested in the hottest girls in your class and if you're lucky, you get to hang out with a girl once in a while. But sexual fantasies never cease to fill in your imagination as you transition from a boy to a man. We tend to base our rite of passage with many things attributed to change so you will become a man if: drive your first car, get your first job, or date the cute girl that you have a crush on. Unfortunately, nothing beats losing one's virginity.

Don't get me wrong but every guy want's to get laid. No wonder, there are cases where boys get involved with their teachers and some older women in a more intimate way. When it comes to women, the cougars are like wild animals on the prowl. Without the sexual overtones, I always consider middle-aged blonde women are the stereotypical sugar mommies that men would die for. I lived in the nineties and "American Pie" was the movie that taught me about the idea of young men hooking up with older women. Not that I'm interested in but it is one unusual situation and pairing. In my case, I do prefer someone of my age (or nearly that) and my girl is the ideal one!

Steven "Steve" Stifler, also known as the Stiffmeister, is the typical brash kid from high school that you find annoying and cool at the same time. Played by Sean William Scott, this dude really made the series very interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that his mom is damn sizzling hot. Perhaps, Paul Finch is one lucky bastard. Reminds me of the song "Stacy's Mom," by Fountains of Wayne. And oh, that blonde cougar mom is a stand-up comedian Jennifer Coolidge in real life.

But if you were to choose, would you rather have a "good time" with Stifler's mom or that hot foreign exchange student Nadia? Let me joggle your brains a bit just in case you forgot:

Remember Shannon Elizabeth? The chick that every American Pie guy's wildest femme obsession.

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