The 2012 Olympics is the proving ground for athletic perfection and the dream stage to every athlete who wants to be the best in the world. However, the pinnacle of physical performace is not the only thing that we are going to witness. There are Olympians who are not only great athletes but beautiful as well. They may not win gold medals or break world records, their beauty will surely captivate countless fans around the world.

Here are the most beautiful female athletes of the London Olympics:

1. Maria Sharapova (Russia) - Tennis
2. Ellen Hoog (Netherlands) - Field Hockey
3. Heather Mitts (USA) - Football
4. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia) - Tennis
5. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) - Tennis
6. Niki Gudex (Australia) - Mountain Biking
7. Leryn Franco (Paraguay) - Athletics
8. Alex Morgan (USA) - Football
9. Samantha Harrison (New Zealand) - Field Hockey
10. Stephanie Rice (Australia) - Swimming
11. Darya Klishina (Russia) - Athletics
12. Maggie Vessey (USA) - Athletics
13. Antonija Misura (Croatia) - Basketball
14. Zsuzsanna Jakabos (Hungary) - Swimming
15. Evgenia Kanaeva (Russia) - Gymnastics

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  1. What about her...? She should be in the top three!

  2. Its all about the for your favourite female Olympic athlete

  3. For me the hottest Olympian is Russia's Evgenia Kanaeva. Aside from her looks & bod -- she's got REAL skills that takes decades to master and HAS WON two consecutive Olympic gold medals to boot. I don't care what any famous poll or list says. That's what hot means for me: not just a pretty face, not just someone who poses in swimsuits all the time but AN ACTUAL CHAMPION. Just my two cents.


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