Some of us love sushi while others indulge in cosplaying their favorite anime characters. A certain number may have a die-hard fantasies of their eternally cute gravure idols and even on rare occasions, go on great lengths to perform their ultimate otaku craving. My interest in Japanese culture cannot be extinguish with their certain weird and quirky appeal such as their love affair with the creepy cutie and weird television commercials.

When it comes to the barometer of all ultimate weirdiness, the Japanese are really hard to beat. We all know Hello Kitty and Japanese school girls have one thing in common - they are "kawaii." Interestingly, there is a creepy opposite of this cuteness trend when it comes to the combination of the traditionally girly cutie and despicably horrifying. The Japanese term for it is "gurokawaii," a postmanteau of grotesquely sadistic and kawaii-y cuteness.

Ever imagine a cosplayer wearing all the girly clothes, perhaps dolly figure, but with an element of blood splatter all over the face and smudges of bloody pattern on the clothes. Although similar to the kimokawaii phenomenon, gurokawaii takes it to the extreme level. I'm not sure how many people are practitioners of this type of statement but it surely looks disturbing to me. I suppose, the Joker in the Dark Knight movie may be the best real-world model for such concept. The closest Western subculture counterpart for them would be an emo-goth combo.

Happy Tree Friends may be the most violent cartoon in television right now but gurokawaii has never been intended to be violent. It is plain creepy cute!

Japanese idols are the good purveyors of this bloody and gory pop culture stuff that many would love but some would abhor. A form of cosplaying of this genre can be pretty disgusting and oftentimes messy so imagine a self-portrait riddled with bloody handprints or exhibiting a decapitated head.

Let's move on to other interesting Japanese quirks, when it comes to interesting TV staple stuff - commercials in Japan really stand out. With gimmicks and though-provoking content, no one can top them in plain ridiculous weirdy allure. So enjoy the show!

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