Many people are using Facebook everyday in a myriad of ways. Some people use this social networking site to meet new friends and even find their soul mate. When it comes to Internet romance, Facebook is much, much more different. It is not the usual dating site where people just choose the type of people that they want to hang out with.

Facebook is your window, of some sorts, to the online community because having an interesting profile makes people want to talk and interact with you even more. Here are important Facebook dating tips that will strengthen your Internet romance:

1. Profile picture
This is the most important aspect of your Facebook profile because if you don’t have an attractive or interesting profile picture, no one would bother checking you out. Make sure that you put your real picture instead of an attractive celebrity. Otherwise, people would think that you are insecure of your physical appearance. You have to understand that a Facebook profile picture reflects your real personality.

2. Compromising snapshots
Never ever put pictures that will put you in a bad light especially candid snapshots of yourself. If you are in relationship, putting pictures that show you having a good company with other guys will always rub your partner the wrong way. Even if you haven’t posted pictures that show you drunk and getting wasted, some pictures may find its way to your profile especially if you are tagged.

3. Boost your profile
If you are single, you can always boost your profile by posting pictures and videos that you are having a good time. This is one way of showing other singles out there that you are cool and hip too. If you travel a lot then why not post the breathtaking sceneries of the places you visited and the celebrities you met.

4. Status message
Post interesting messages on your status message instead of updates of your mundane activities like eating or drinking something. Don’t post something negative because people may think that you have so many personal issues to deal with. Facebook status messages are one way to engage more people in your social networking circle. The more ‘likes’ and comments you get, the good chance that you will form meaningful relationships with other people.

5. Don’t add too many people
The purpose of social networking is getting meaningful relationships and not collecting many friends online. What is the point of adding someone if you don’t have time to get to know them in the first place? There are many fake profiles out there that use sexy men and women just to attract other users. They only crap up your wall with so many spam and hate messages.

6. Beware of fake profiles
There are many profiles created in Facebook that steal identity from other people. Some of which are Internet trolls who just bully people online through hate messages and blackmail. Never add people that you don’t really know because you may say some things that you don’t want others to know you’re your personal information and secrets.

7. Relationship status
Some people don’t trust a guy whose relationship status is ‘single’ because they may think that it is just their separate account. People may think that someone is desperate or sleazy when their relationship status is in an ‘open relationship.’ Don’t take the Facebook relationship status on face value, get to know the person first.

8. Private message or chat
When you are asking someone for a date, don’t post it in their wall. You would be spared from public humiliation if you use private message or chat. It would be so rude if you have an argument with someone on somebody else’s wall posts. Again refrain from these immature acts.

9. Keep your profile private
Make sure that only your ‘friends’ can check out your profile because if someone can see all your personal information then they won’t bother to add you as their ‘friend.’

10. No cheesy pickup lines
When you send a message to your loved one or crush, don’t use classic pickup lines that may annoy them. Do it naturally like people do when they ask someone for a date.

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