I really have a great love for fine cuisines and delectable food especially those made by amazing chefs. What more can you say if you get the chance to eat Michelin-star celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's favorite beef Wellington and scallops on your dinner plate? Unless if you're one of the "lucky" guys inside Ramsay's kitchen brigade from hell, you will not be able to eat gourmet food but the most disgusting and stomach-churning insults you will ever hear in your lifetime. The venom from this temper- and tantrum-laden mouth of this fiery Scotsman can tear yourself apart so what are the worst insults he made?

Having seen his shows like Boiling Point, The F Word, and Masterchef, his famous role in the television cooking scene has always been Hell's Kitchen's and Kitchen Nightmares' chef from hell. With a new show Hotel Hell coming up, I will never ran out of typical profanities and insults from the man. It is a wonder if these verbal abuses can land him in court for harassment. How long can it take for you to snap with a torrent of verbal jabs happening all around you? Aside from the typical "piss off" he says, here are the worst insults that you really don't want to hear:

15. That, is absolute dog sh#t.
14. The dish is clumsy...just like you!
13. It looks like a dehydrated camel's turd.
12. You've got a palate like a cow's back side.
11. It's the kind of sh#t you serve to your sick rabbit.
10. You serve, they eat -- straight after they vomit.
9. It looks like regurgitated dog sh#t.
8. It looks like something out of a sewer's canal.
7. It tastes like gnat's piss.
6. F#ck me, you f#cking doughnut...pull your head out of your #ss!
5. That must be one of the worst combinations I've ever tasted in 21 years of cooking. Piss off, will you.
4. Right now I'd rather eat poodle sh#t than put that in my mouth.
3. You can't turn an oven on. You got no chance at even running a kitchen.
2. You come down to my kitchen again with a ridiculous hat on like that, I'll stick it in you f#cking sideways.
1. If that was the last thing in this country to eat, I'd f#cking starve.

Just to let you know that the following videos are filled with expletives, rants, and other insults that may offend you. You have been warned.

Just like a ravenous shark (play the Jaws theme song please...), Ramsay will go after you even if you made a small, honest mistake. What will you do when he starts talking crap at you? It's even worse that getting humiliated in front of thousands of laughing customers at a comedy bar. Gordon is way much better than Dave Chappelle or Pablo Francisco when hurling scathing remarks at you. He has made cursing an art form that he knows so well!

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  1. Between the amazing dishes that they prepare on both “Hell's
    Kitchen” and “Masterchef” and Chef Ramsey yelling and talking mess to everyone
    I don’t know of any other reason to watch this show. My family and I love to watch
    the show, and we get great idea's to cook different dishes from the show. My TV
    used to stay on food network before “Hell's Kitchen” came out. I've started
    going back to school and I’m no longer at home to watch my favorite shows with
    the family. My Dish coworker suggested that I get the Hopper, because it has a
    PrimeTime Anytime feature that would automatically record all my prime time
    shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC. The Hopper has a huge hard drive, and
    I don’t have to worry about kids or wife accidently deleting them by setting up
    their recordings.

  2. Gordon Ramsay is your worst nightmare on the kitchen...


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