Everybody wants to have a good and refreshing day to start with. When we wake up, many of us would be cranky and irritated as if we are like vampires staying away from the morning sunlight. Sleeping on the wrong end of the bed may get us on the wrong foot to start our day.

We don’t want to have a bad day but the things that we do before we go to school or work may have an effect on how our day will turn out. Here are the ten important things to do when we wake up in the morning so that we will have productive day:

1. Wake up early
No one wants to scamper in the morning to prepare for school or work. We have to understand that early morning traffic is unpredictable and when that happens then we will be late. Make sure to wake up early so that you have enough time to take a good shower and a hearty breakfast.

2. Stretching and warm-ups
Before you start your day with your enthusiasm and optimism, get yourself warmed up first by taking a little bit of pushups, lifting weights, and little jog outside of the house to keep your adrenaline running for the day.

3. Listening to feel good music
Tune in to your resident energizer DJ bunny on the radio and get perked up with his infectious laughter and overflowing enthusiasm. Listen a couple of the morning hit songs to jumpstart your day.

4. Eat well
Believe me. No one wants to start their day on an empty stomach. Before you go to your daily work, make sure you have eaten well because no one wants to make mistakes, bad judgments, and wrong decisions when your stomach is grumbling.

5. Have a cup of coffee
Drinking coffee can warm you up and keep you awake for the day. You don’t want to be sleepy at work and yawn all day.

6. Take a refreshing bath
A cool shower refreshes your mind and clears up your anxieties before you kick off your day. Take your time by lathering yourself in a sweet fragrant soap and lukewarm water.

7. Dress impeccably
Take your time to wear your favorite shirt and pants. Have a clean pair of socks with your freshly polished pair of shoes. In this way, you look good in the eyes of your colleagues and friends.

8. Check out the morning news
Be updated on the latest news happening in and around the country by watching the morning TV news. You can also check out the traffic updates presented by your favorite newscasters so that you will know which places are clogged up with vehicles. Knowing what’s new and hot will help you start conversations with people.

9. Relax a little bit
If you still have a little bit of time, you can relax yourself by meditating for a few minutes and find you inner peace before you plunge yourself to the hassles of daily life. Hearing the birds chirp or the buzzing bee flying from flower to flower in the morning can be refreshing.

10. Set your mind right
Some people have a mantra that they chant inside their head as they go to school or work. In this way, you are setting up your mind to do what you want to do for the day.

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