Any gun references will do if you shot yourself in the head. Seriously? Two years of development time in the drain for EA Sports as its last gasp of regaining its basketball supremacy from 2K Sports appears to be over. Give it up guys, NBA 2K13 will beat you up this time around. First, the NBA Elite 12 project and now this? Pre-alpha build and other BS won't cut it out as fans like me don't have mercy for such mediocre game.

Although I have been an NBA Live fan growing up but I never expected this to happen. You guys posted a long gameplay but you suddenly pulled it out because it showed all the crap gamers hate. Now it seems that the game won't be released on disc format but as downloadable content, how cheap! The worst fear is coming true, NBA Live is like a convicted mass murderer waiting to be lynched by an angry mob.

"The video appears to be captured from a pre-alpha build months ago and is not an official EA SPORTS release. It does not represent a final build or feature set for NBA Live." - EA Sports response for pulling out the gameplay video off Youtube.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant won't be happy to be the face of a failed video game franchise. Well, I guess its damage control for EA Sports. So many players playing their favorite winter sport figure skating and graphics are very primitive with the only saving grace is the ESPN liveries and broadcast presentation. AI is horrible and player movements look tacky and cartoony. Jeff van Gundy is still alive?

And just as the fallout of the 'leaked' video spreads, NBA 2K13 dropped its latest developers insight that will surely put the final nail on NBA Live's coffin.

Clean up your mess EA and deliver us an excellent game while you still can. Video game fans deserve more than just a decent game (you guys failed again!).

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