The 2013-14 NBA season is still a few months away but the anticipation of the release of NBA 2K13 is building up as teasers have been released in the social network. Many are expecting that these game would be leaps and bounds better than NBA 2K12 and I'm also hoping that it would blow my mind away considering the fact that its main competitor NBA Live 13 is in limbo right now. Whether or not EA Sports can launch its game in time for the upcoming season, it seems 2K Sports will be ruling the basketball video game world this year.

Gamers and developers who flocked in Cologne, Germany for the annual GamesCom event are the lucky guys who got to play the game for the first time. Fortunately, some of these guys have finally leaked some gameplay footages of the much-hyped about game. With Jay-Z at the helm as "executive producer" of the game and the addition of the 1992 Dream Team, the bar has already been set high. As with many avid and die-hard gamers out there, will the gameplay and online experience please our discriminating taste?

Some said that technical fouls would now be implemented so if you have Kinect and you shout out the filthiest expletives out there, you get a T for that. Is it true? I watched the gameplay and I noticed that some of the players are now starting to move differently than in the previous games. Momentum and physics are now in effect but I still don't know if there are residues of the past games - canned animations. Hopefully no more cheesy moves that ChrisSmoove would love to point out. The in-game graphics and liveries seem to resemble the 2008 All-Star Game graphics with the intricate design of the Mardi Gras of New Orleans.

Here is the full game demo of the game courtesy of 2K Sports' Ronnie Singh and Chris Manning (note the video starts at 20:00):

What do you think of NBA 2K13?

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