Without a doubt, the Dream Team is the best collection of basketball talents in the history of team sports. The thing is that the accolade was given twenty years ago and most basketball players, not just from the United States, have grown leaps and bounds. In fact, the level of the game has grown tremendously that there was a time when the US team only managed to place sixth in the 2002 World Championship held in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a couple of Olympics and FIBA World Cups that the United States bounced back to regain its basketball supremacy.

The recently concluded 2012 Olympic basketball tournament is no exception as the country merged important players in the 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medal-winning team and the 2010 FIBA World Cup champion team. Some are saying that the current team could give the 1992 Dream Team a run for their money as every position is loaded with the best young talents that the NBA can offer. What if we see the current USA team play against the legends? Imagine the prime Michael Jordan playing against LeBron James one-on-one, perhaps Scottie Pippen trying to contain the Black Mamba, and Kevin Durant jousting for position against the enigmatic Sir Charles. Fortunately, the upcoming NBA 2K13 video game will be adding the original Dream Team and the 2012 Olympic Team. Who do you think will win?

Let's end the debate and analyze the possible player-by-player matchup then.

Key marchups would be Michael Jordan against either Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, I have to say Jordan would win against either of these pretender to His Airness' throne. A prime Jordan can run rings around Kobe and LeBron. Kobe's game, although an NBA All Star caliber, is on the wane. LeBron may be a freak of nature because of his power and athleticism, he doesn't have that decisive competitive will that Jordan has.

Another intriguing matchup would be between the defensive specialist and all-around player Scottie Pippen against the equality talented and NBA MVP shoo-in Kevin Durant. The Durantula may have long arms and athletic frame, Pippen still has a slight edge when it comes to crunch time defensive lockdown moments and surely he can limit Kevin's point production in the crucial stretches of the game.

Although Magic Johnson may be on the last few games of his professional career, the point guard matchup would be one-sided in favor of the Dream Team. Even with young and fresh talent of Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams, they would have a great mismatch with Johnson's height and playmaking style. In my opinion, a Chris Paul and John Stockton matchup may be worthy to watch as these players are the type of guys who love to make their teammates look good.

Larry Bird and Chris Mullin would probably bring Kevin Love and James Harden back to school with their veteran smarts and tremendous shooting prowess. Clyde Drexler vs Carmelo Anthony would be like a good shootout and air-to-air artistry marathon between these two small forwards. Unfortunately, the Dream Teams big men would eat their opposition alive as Patrick Ewing and David Robinson patrol the paint against their undersized opponents Tyson Chandler and Anthony Davis.

Speaking of the rookie, how will the 2012 NBA Top Draft Pick handle his game against erstwhile collegian and ex-College Player of the Year Christian Laettner? I guess the unibrowed Davis will have tremendous athletic and defensive skills to overwhelm the former Duke star.

At the end of the day, I would expect a close game between these two teams but I do believe that the original Dream Team would win by the closest of margin. Sorry Kobe but I have to go with Jordan and company.

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