Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has always been a meat-eater. A carnivore among the beasts of burden. A hunter among prey.

Things have changed when man decided to settle down and gave up the meandering ways of a wandering nomad. Civilization and sedentary lifestyle was born when man decided to plant and settle in cities. Man has ceased to be an exclusive meat-eater. Diseases and epidemics have come and go, destroying cities and leaving population decimated.

Fast forward to few centuries, man has reached new heights with the Industrial Revolution as everything we eat or drink are now mechanized into precision assembly-line efficiency. What it takes a month to gather enough food to feed a family now takes a second just to go to the fridge to grab something to eat and drink.

It may sound like a long introduction but as someone on the opposite edge of the spectrum, I realized that we are going back to the start of everything we thought was the start of our remarkable journey as a race of intelligent, yet sometimes dumbfounded, race. Natural resources are dwindling and many have tried to developed new sources of food, finding cure to diseases, and ultimately develop the elixir of eternal life.

I'm far away from home and living alone without the benefit of people who can help you get things through everyday life, I've learned to adapt. Out of my comfort zone, I decided to try new things that I've never done before. For the first time, I thought vegetarianism is like a hopeless struggle of the bulge for diet-crazy celebrities or a fashion-statement for fame-hungry individuals. Although I haven't full embraced this lifestyle, I found new respect to this style of living even though my favorite reality chef Gordon Ramsay would disagree.

A vegan can't change the world but a former carnivore would! Omnivores are the worst, they are voracious and consume anything. The ozone layer has already slowly but surely thinning caused by the CFCs on the refrigerators cooling our beer cans. Farmlands have replaced precious virgin forests. Ranching has transformed green grasslands into deserts. All the food that we eat are products of these destructive processes that keep our population growing in exponential lengths.

Becoming a vegetarian is not a life-changing experience but changing your life around it is. Don't something because you have to do it, do it because you want to effect positive change. Sometimes the positive change we want in life doesn't turn out to be the way we wanted.

Butterfly effects happen all the time. No one can make sure if we killed a baby Hitler then the Holocaust won't happen and the flames of World War II would become a pigment of your imagination. Whatever Marty McFly did in Back to the Future, the past will never go in line with your future expectations. The days of the future past would be something that happens because it will happen.

There is no hero in this world because no matter how hard we develop the most advanced medical technology and ground-breaking pharmaceutical panacea, people die every single day! Even if we push the extreme limits of human vitality, we can't save lives because we all gonna die one way or the other.

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