It's Philippines versus Thailand in the opening match of the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup. A very interesting match to follow because it will be my first time (hopefully) to see a live football game for quite a while. It is a very special rivalry game between these two countries even though Thailand is way much better when it comes to football. They have their crowd behind them at the Rajamangala Stadium while a handful of Filipino supporters will be there on the November 24 curtain raiser.

It will be a tall order for the Azkals, composed mainly of half-foreign players from Europe and North America, to beat the fancied home side with lots of professional experience. But we may never know if they can pull out their magic like what they did to the stunned Vietnamese in Hanoi a year ago. We may never know! Although the Azkals have already risen in the FIFA rankings and even taking the second spot in the regional ranking, the group of death will always be the acid test that Filipinos need to prove that their rise to ascendancy is no fluke. They have to prove it against Vietnam and Myanmar too.

Although we lost 2-1 to a team determined to impress their home crowd. The loss and the rainy evening didn't dampened our spirits because we managed to sneak in near their dugout to get glimpse of the stars themselves. Of course, when the Younghusbands play, you will definitely barge into screaming female fans.


















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