Many women have this fascination of becoming a beauty queen? Living the glamorous life of a real-life fairy tale princess and all the attention and adulation that goes along with it. It cannot be denied that some have went great lengths just to fulfill their dreams - from plastic surgery to emulating Barbie doll for real! However, beauty queen life is not that different with normal, everyday life. Just ask Miss Estonia, Xenia Likhacheva on how she live her life like a normal person like you and me.

Istoryadista has this exclusive interview with this talented lass from the Baltic city of Tallinn in Estonia. Let's hear it from her as how she tries to balance her life as an ordinary girl and her responsibilities as her country's representative to the recently-concluded 2012 Miss International held in Okinawa, Japan. Here are her thoughts and insights about what is like to live in style.

Thanks for agreeing to have this interview, hows life? What keeps you busy nowadays?

:) Everything is good. Now, after MI beauty competition I'm not so busy. In December I'm going to Malaysia (Kuala-Lumpur) so, my main task to preapre my body in gym. I do sport every day at least 3 hours and also play musical instrumenst (piano and saxophone), so I can name it like - engaged in self-development :)

Was it your dream to become a model? If so, why?

No, my first dream was to become famous pop singer and after musician. I didn't know that I can be a model, I discovered it not so long time ago..

When did you start joining beauty pageants?

In 2011 :)

What inspired you to become a beauty queen? An inspiration to many young girls and women.

I think all girls and woman dream to be a beauty queen, as for me I want to be happy and I want to make everyone to be happy.

How do you see yourself as a role model? How do you promote the idea that "beauty" is not about how you look but what's inside you?

I think that "miss" or "role model" had to prove that she is beautiful not only outside but also inside. I try to show some action, not only words and in 21 centure it's very easy. I can do it (for example) with internet.

What's a typical day for a beauty queen like you? What makes it special?

:) I think love makes all my day special.

Do you consider yourself as a normal person even though many people recognize you?

Of course. I think all people are different, but all people are equal.

Beauty pageants are quite competitive, how do you keep yourself in competitive condition?

I think that girls are friends, not rivals. I just be myself that's it.

What's your opinion on transexuals joining beauty pageants that were supposed to be for women?

I don't understand it and I don't want to support it. For me it's very wierd. I think beauty pageants had to be for natural people.

Finally, what is your advice for aspiring beauty queens out there?

Firstly, believe in yourself. Secondly, always smile. Thirdly, try more and more persistence and work always to win.

If you're not a beauty queen, what would you be?

Businesswoman as well as musician.

Many beauty queens have their social responsibilities, what are yours?

I think all beauty queens had to be beautiful inside. For example I'm vegeterian, I don't eat meat all my life. I also support the fight against real fur. Every spring I give free music concerts in orphan houses, plant trees and I also clean streets by removing the rubbish.


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