You can call me a liar (not #Amalayer) but I never won anything significant in my life from the local numbers game to the PCSO 6/49 Lottery so the idea of getting the nomination from the Best Cebu Blogs Award for the second time is very special. The nominees are also great and experienced bloggers, even better than me in terms of style, creativity, and form. I am a mere mortal in the Mount Olympus of personal and travel blogging.

Last year, I was nominated but never got to stand on stage and talk about my half-written acceptance speech. Fast forward, I learned so many things and written new and thought-provoking topics in the past few months from my exclusive interview with Miss Estonia (my second interview actually, just a lucky bloke...) to the occasional history and pop culture tidbits that I publish from time to time.

As much as I would like to join the fun and interact with fellow Cebuano bloggers, I'm still stuck in Bangkok, Thailand for work so I won't be able to grace the awards night (as if I'm the shoo-in winner! haha..). Whether I win an award or not, I am grateful that my readers have continued to inspire me to write something new and interesting day in and day out. I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this award possible.

I am just wondering if it will be possible for the organizers to contact me via Skype that is if I would win. Instead of flying to Cebu, I will probably in a crowded bar in Khaosan Road or sipping my latte at coffee shop in Siam Paragon. Imagining Sunday night at the Insular Center grabbing that award would only rest in my head until December 9.

The sponsors have made it possible so I would like to spell out my Christmas wishlist if I do win:
-an iPhone 5 from Globe
-a year supply of GT Cosmetics
-free 3-day stay at Diamond Suites & Residences
-home delivery from Orange Brutus (bring it Bangkok baby!)
-gift package from Heart Tea
-extensive PR campaign for my blog from PR Works
-a big Chinese buffet dinner from Choi City Seafood Restaurant
-lifetime discount from Starbucks (my outrageous wish!)

As the old saying goes, the mailman always rings twice. So if Karl Malone is sure ball when it comes to basketball that I'm hoping two times the charm is the sign that I'm looking for!

The guys at Cebu Bloggers Society (have yet to join) have inspired me to continue blogging that's why it has helped me travel to different places I never been. Experienced things that I haven't had in my life. Of course, got an amazing job that pays me well just by writing stuff - you know what copywriters do! No the Sotto way but you know what I'm saying.

Do you think I deserve to win?

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  1. Thanks for the support and encouragement


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