Many people have said that the Philippines is the so-called "sick" man of Asia because of widespread corruption, endemic poverty, uncontrollable brain and skills drain, and rapidly growing population. I have been scouring the Internet for interesting documentary and indie films that talked about things that most people don't talk about. If you happen to view some of the videos posted in this post, feel free to share it with your friends and family so that they will have a new perspective on what's really happening to the country. Have an open mind when it comes to topics like this because you either believe what's being featured in the videos or not at all!

If you have constructive comments and insightful opinions about the topics mentioned in the following videos, post it below.

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Cosplay has become popular in recent years as video game fanboys mash up their inner anime fantasies of becoming their own fighting game alter ego. The most popular and recognizable characters in the video game world are the hot and sexy Mai Shiranui from SNK's King of Fighters franchise and the exotic and fiery Chun Li of Capcom's Street Fighter series. Many women from China, Taiwan, Japan, and even in the Philippines tried to channel their inner video game avatar by trying to become Mai Shiranui and Chun Li.

Over and over again, pictures of these cosplay impersonations have flooded the social networking sites, otaku forums, and photo sharing media. Every cosplayer tries to outdo the other by having the most "authentic" and perfect portrayals of these hot video game babes. All over the world, hot chicks and sexy babes wore skimpy outfits, put on their sexy poses, and imitations to make their impressions spot on. This craze has led me to ask the question that every cosplayer would be wondering by now: who is hotter between Chun Li and Mai Shiranui?

Chun Li (China) - Street Fighter
When it comes to video game favorites, Chun Li remains the favorite among video game seniors because she's the first character to have brought sexiness in fighting games. She may look hot as hell but she can also kick the shit out of you!

Mai Shiranui (Japan) - King of Fighters
The alluring Mai is on the opposite end of the sexiness scale because not only she's voluptuous, this King of Fighters' bosom beauty has the kyonyuu-bakunyuu up front. Who can resist her raw sexiness and her exotic sounding grunt that would make men drool.

So who would it be? Make your choice and voice your comments on this ultimate cosplay debate.

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