I was supposed to go home to the Philippines last Christmas but I decided to postpone it because of the fact that it is a hassle for me to line up and get an OEC. I know it is requirement for everyone who wants to go out of the country to work elsewhere but why do we have to do it? To prevent human trafficking? Nah!

Added bureaucratic red tape is really annoying. I have valid travel documents like my passport, my working visa, and work permit. Isn't that enough? I have my contract and payslips to go, do they have to sift through my banks account just to prove that I'm really working legitimately? Oh well, that's how they are going to repay us after delivering billions upon billions of dollars in "needed" government revenues. "Bagong bayanis" but hassled in a highway-robbery like manner.

Do you still remember the time when our teachers told us that we have an out-of-school activity and we have to get our parent's permit? That's how I see it. Immigration playing like big brother by determining who can go out of the country and who can't. Smugglers can easily get in the country while corrupt officials can easily go on an overseas holiday, isn't that easy?

Anyhooo, it has been said that there were rumors to get rid of the OEC because it is open to a lot of abuses. However, it is still enforced so some of my fellow OFWs still have to line up while others are barred from getting into their flights without that "parents permit" este OEC.

It's difficult to enjoy a short vacation when 1 day is allocated to just lining up for OEC. Here what you need just to renew:
Workers are required to present the following:
-Passport valid for 6 months from time of departure
-Valid working visa/work permit
-Proof of employment such as Certificate of Employment, Company ID, payslip and other
equivalent document

Of course, you have to pay $10 for OWWA too! Unfortunately, we don't have POLO here so I have to get one when I get home.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel JP. Woke up early to queue up, took me whole day just to get this done. It's good the travel agency told me about this before purchasing my ticket.


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