I always had this fascination for alternate history and retrofuturism because I always believe that history is not written by kings, demented megalomaniacs and people playing Gods. This is why I have decided to spin-off my blog and create niche blogs specially dedicated to these subject matters. I believe we all have a hand in charting our destiny because the success of mankind is the sum of all individual successes and failures.

The first blog that I recently unveiled is FutureLapse, a niche blog that basically envisioned the future that never was. I've been a fan of how our past pictured out what the future is and even made predictions of what future technology is. It's pretty awesome to see outlandish and out-of-this-world future forecasts.

Altered Timeline speaks for itself. This niche blog specializes on alternate history wherein it tackles alternate outcomes of real historical events and reconstructs a new historical timeline that never happened.

I am currently entertaining guest bloggers who may want to post their content on these blog sites. If you are keen on helping develop content for these blogs, please fill up the form below:

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