Two years ago, the Philippine-Chinese Taipei relations have hit an all-time low after heightened tensions between both countries over the "shooting" death of a Taiwanese fisherman over the disputed seas north of the Philippines. As a consequence, the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association (their country's national basketball governing body) has declined invitation to Gilas Pilipinas (who was the then-defending champion) to participate in the 2013 William Jones Cup.


Historically, the Philippine national team have usually used this 40-year-old invitational tournament as a tune-up series to gauge possible opponents and trim down its pool for regional and other international tournaments. At that time, then-coach Vincent "Chot" Reyes have envisioned that stint in Taipei as a build-up to the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship (the qualifier for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain) to be held in Manila. Unfortunately, it didn't happened. Ironically, Tab Baldwin's boys are also facing the same dilemma of a short preparation and build-up for the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship (the qualifier for the men's basketball competition of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil).

Fast-forward to 2015, Gilas was finally allowed to play in this prestigious tournament. Although it never succeeded in winning the title, there is this girl that captured the imagination of basketball fans of both countries - the lovely sports reporter Jenny Yu.

Who would have thought that the "Can I be your 'Juliet'" interview with golden boy Terrence Bill Romeo has become the "talk" among netizens out there. Perhaps, it is as viral as the highlight ankle breaker and MVP performance he did against Chinese Taipei in front of their hometown crowd. The unprepared Romeo blushed and was left speechless after the interview. He just ended up thanking the supporters of Gilas Pilipinas

It was just a matter of time before Filipino fans scoured the net for searches about her and what she's all about. Many have tried to reach out for Ms. Yu. I'm not sure how many marriage proposals she received. Some have even requested her to make the trip to Manila and cover her national team for the recently-concluded 2015 Gameface MVP Cup.

Who is Jenny Yu?

I was fortunate enough to get in touch with her and managed to talk to her on a variety of topics from her personal preferences to her professional experience as a sports reporter. I wouldn't be surprised that anyone would love to hang out with her.

Here is what we talked about:

JP: Hello Jenny! How are you doing? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you and get to know you in behalf of your "new" Filipino fans out there.
Jenny: I'm doing great! I'm glad you asked.

JP: So Jenny, can you tell us about yourself and what do you do?
Jenny: I'm a sports reporter and anchor at Videoland Sport Inc. in Taiwan.

For a beautiful girl like her, she dresses simply.
JP: Have you ever dreamed of becoming a sports reporter? What made you become one?
Jenny: No, I have always dreamed of becoming a successful singer and dancer like Jolin Tsai. Plus my parents would love me working in the entertainment industry but they also encouraged me to try something else. I have always love being a sports reporter because you will always see positivity from the cheering and adoring fans to the wonderful performance the athletes bring whether to entertain the crowd or win the championship.

JP: Tell us about your online persona. Are you different in person than what we see of you online? What keeps you going in your online life? How do you separate your personal and public life?
Jenny: As an anchor, I need to try different fashion styles in order to showcase a different sides of me. Even though the public sees me quite regularly on television, I still keep myself grounded and have a simple fashion style. I love t-shirts and jeans!

The Interview with Terrence Bill Romeo
JP: If you have superpowers, what powers do you want to have? Why?
Jenny: Invisible powers! So I can hide myself anytime. When I want to stay away or take a break from my busy life, I can just do it whenever I want to.
JP: Wow! Just like Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four.
Jenny: Exactly! ;)
JP: Well to be honest, you're like the female version of Clark Kent (Superman) because you look cute with that preppy look (with your glasses on) and equally lovely without it.
Jenny: Oh really?
JP: Yeah!

The Preppy or The Sweetheart?
JP: Many Filipinos have been asking on Twitter if you have plans to visit the Philippines to cover the games of your team Chinese Taipei in the 2015 MVP Cup. What do you have in mind?
Jenny: Well, I don't think I could make it because I'm busy with work. I have already posted it on my Facebook fan page. I would love to go but my current schedule doesn't allow me to. Maybe a vacation in the future I suppose.

JP: You seem to be enjoying your job and I think you're good at it. So aside from basketball, what sports do you play?
Jenny: Oh, is darts included?
JP: Yeah, you already bull's eyed Terrence's heart. Hehe!
Jenny: Hahaha!

JP: As a sports reporter, who is the person that you dream of interviewing?
Jenny: Serena Williams.
JP: Have you seen her in person? Like up close?
Jenny: No...
JP: Too bad. How about Jeremy Lin?
Jenny: Oh I did interview him so many times. I even played darts with him.

If Cupid has a bow and arrow, Jenny has darts to hit your heart!
JP: Do you collect autographs on celebrities?
Jenny: Actually, I don't have one. Hahaha!
JP: What is your treasured souvenir from someone famous?
Jenny: The only souvenir that I have right now was from the Cleveland Cavaliers' mascot Sir CC.

JP: If you can go back in time, which event do you want to change and why?
Jenny: I would say, I want to go back to June 2010 when I picked up my dog from the hospital after a 10-day trip.
JP: That's quite long isn't it?
Jenny: Yes. The sad and unfortunate thing has happened after I went out for dinner when I dropped him off at home. Three hours later when we got back home, I found him by the door already dead.
JP: I'm sorry to hear that!
Jenny: It was tough but I'm very much OK now.

She's also a dog lover
JP: And the million-dollar question - Are you single?
Jenny: Yes.

JP: Who is your celebrity crush?
Jenny: Stephen Curry.
JP: If you do get to interview him, will get nervous?
Jenny: Of course, I'll be nervous! Super!!
JP: He actually visited Manila. I'm not sure if he will visit Taipei but if you do get to interview him, you are so lucky.
Jenny: I know. I think he's visiting Shanghai this week.
JP: Don't forget Riley as well.
Jenny: She is so adorable!

JP: Since you have thought about visiting the Philippines, are you interested to check out the beaches?
Jenny: I'm not much of an outdoor person. Shopping mall is better.
JP: I see. We have lots of big shopping malls here. I guess, you're not into nature and you're a city girl I suppose.

JP: By the way, were you surprised that many people are still talking about your interview with Terrence?
Jenny: Very! Super surprised.
JP: It's still trending on Twitter until now.
Jenny: Wow that's amazing.

JP: So the fans keep asking when are you coming to the Philippines?
Jenny: Lol, yeah. I find it very cute.
JP: Any definite date or plan?
Jenny: They want me to go to the MVP Cup.
JP: Yes, they are. It's on September 11-13.
JP: Your Filipino fans want to see you in person...maybe Terrence will be looking for you as well! And I'm sure you'll be free anytime soon right?
Jenny: If I do, I'll definitely tell everyone!

Care for a cup of coffee?
JP: I appreciate you for taking the time to talk to me. Do you have any message to your fans?
Jenny: Thank you for supporting me, I'll keep up the good work and stay beautiful!

Here is what she has to say to all Filipino fans out there and to the special guy.

An awesome interview with the lovely Jenny Yu.
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