We live in a world where there is prejudice and injustice especially if the color of your skin is dark but what if you live in modern America where race role are reversed with a society dominated by a black establishment that subjugates the general white population. In the controversial film "White Man's Burden" (1995), the United States is a different place with racism directed against the large underclass of white Americans who live in rundown, crime-infested ghettos and face prejudice from the broader society, while the comfortable middle and upper class is predominantly black lived in luxury.

In an effort to go above and beyond in his position (hoping to become a foreman soon), in the candy factory in which he works, Louis Pinnock (played by John Travolta) delivers a package for his boss to successful CEO Thaddeus Thomas (played by Harry Belafonte). After Pinnock accidentally sees Thomas's wife coming out of the shower, he is subsequently dismissed from his job, assaulted by the police and forced to watch his family evicted. In a radical quest for justice, Pinnock kidnaps Thomas, which forces the two men to bond, as well as argue over race relations and the roots of social inequality.

I do think that Samuel L. Jackson may have played a better Thaddeus Thomas character than Belafonte.

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