We Filipinos love fun and games that is why see many game shows on television. However, do we have to join these shows if we end up selling our dignity and personal honor for thousands of pesos while the game show host is mocking us while the rest of the audience is drowning you with jeers as if you are a helpless prey devoured by hungry beasts?

"Comedians" and "clowns" like Willie Revillame, "Bossing" Vic Sotto, and Joey De Leon have their share of controversies with their sexually-charged jokes and humiliating stunts on live television. Even their co-hosts even share the humiliation. They tend to portray themselves as purveyors of good fortune because they give these "poor" and "unfortunate" contestants a chance of winning big bucks at the expense of their own personal honor. Our game show culture is archaic since we still have these slapstick comedy routines and degrading attitude towards the poor, the children, the gays, and the women.

I share my sentiments with theater actress Monique Wilson where many game shows tend to dumb down the audiences because they are desperate for quick money. In this way, Revillame and company is creating a society of mendicants because they give them money instead of empowering them.

It was the poor Jan-Jan Estrada who has to perform a provocative dance infront of a jeering public. His crying in national television fell on deaf ears as Revillame kept his devilish laugh. Now that the show is finally off air, is it time to reformat Philippine television game shows? I guess so...

Unfortunately, game shows and TV contests are very popular that some people have already made it their means to earn a living. These professional contestants have to join so many contests just to keep their lives afloat. GMA's I-Witness even made a documentary that showed the life of these professional contestants.

We may never know when we finally get it. Game shows create a society of lazy people who are contented of getting price money on television rather that working hard on it.

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