It is always been said that the most heroic characters in film is always paired with the most feared and hated villains of them all. In Philippine cinema, movie villains or kontrabida play the crucial role in transforming the simple lead character into a heroic one. These bad boys have forever captured our imagination because they are cold, heartless, and merciless.

However, at the end of the film, the hero will always find the strength and will power to use his special skills to foil the enemies’ plan and defeating them in the end. We are on the edge of our seats as the hero gets beaten by the kontrabida but jump in joyous celebration as he makes his ultimate revenge.

We rejoice at the hero's final triumph over evil thereby assuring ourselves that the hero once again saved the day knowing full well that in real life criminals and their henchmen are not always punished and brought to justice. But just the same, we heave a sigh of relief seeing the hero reunited with his love interest and his murdered, raped, abused relatives finally avenged. Here are the ten most hated villains in Philippine movies:

1. Paquito Diaz
Love him or hate him, this half-Mexican American Francisco Bustillos Diaz has made villainy his middle name as he transformed himself as one of the most hated man in Philippine movies. Under the screen name of Paquito Diaz, he played serialized roles of all the vilest and despicable criminals in society. Yet in real life, he is not the man that you think he is. Despite that, he never became type casted as the ultimate villain because he ventured into comedy as well. He remained to be one of the most popular actors in a career spanning four decades.

2. Max Alvarado
Gavino Maximo Teodosio in real life, this is the man that we always love to hate because of his endless portrayals of Fernando Poe’s evil villains. He is best known for his role of Lizardo in the Ang Panday movie and he also portrayed countless criminal and henchmen roles in the past. This mustachioed bad guy has captivated the hearts of moviegoers that it is even said that some people would fire their guns on the screen when FPJ is in deep trouble.

3. Eddie Garcia
Simply called “manoy,” the Bicolano Garcia always play a corrupt public official or rich haciendero that always oppress the people. He may be considered as the villain with a diverse personality in the roles he played. No wonder Garcia has able to reach a long career in the old, worn out staple of action films.

4. Dick Israel
Though not to be categorized as a head villain, Israel is considered as the ultimate henchmen because he always serves second in command to leading villains like Paquito Diaz and Eddie Garcia. He is the ultimate nemesis of the hero’s sidekick like Dencio Padilla.

5. Johnny Delgado
This guy reminds me of Forrest Whitaker with weird sense of humor. This man always plays the crooked politician or shady underworld leader. Later in his career, he ventured into more serious roles as a father figure rather than the crime boss with a menacing laugh.

6. John Regala
When I see his face, there is the bad guy image written all over him. He plays his role well as a hired gun or a professional assassin.

7. George Estreegan
He is the women’s worst nightmare because he usually portrays the vilest sexual predator and sadistic rapist all in one.

8. Rez Cortez
Sometimes a loyal and a turncoat, this guy always makes me mixed up with Dick Israel as the ultimate henchman.

9. Roi Vinzon
When it comes all out action scenes, Roi Vinzon is the name. Unfortunately, he plays the bad guy roles all the time as he serves as the ultimate villain when it comes to action sequences against Robin Padilla or Ian Veneracion.

10. Romy Diaz
A least-known brother of Paquito, Romy Diaz is known for his evil and sometimes maniacal laugh that may perhaps make other bad guys look like little boys. He always accompany his brother as a loyal henchman.

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