I read comic books quite a lot when I was a kid and never missed an episode of Dragonball Z because I really loved to see my favorite superheroes save the world from impending doom. No wonder, I have dreams where I was able to fly and pass through walls echoing what Superman does best – faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall building.

It would be amazing to see people saying “Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, no it’s a plane…” with bewildered excitement. Here are the top 10 superhuman powers and abilities that we wish we have:

1. Telepathy and Telekinesis
Are you a fan of Professor Charles Xavier? That guy is my hero no matter if he’s stuck in a wheel chair or not. He can read minds and even move objects by just thinking of it, isn’t that amazing? I would want to control the remote control so that I can tune in to my favorite TV shows without having to physically do it or I can just read the minds of celebrities and know what they are thinking right now.

2. Mind Control
This is another intriguing power lifted from the comic books but taking control of what the person will do is just like making them a puppet of your own will.

3. Invisibility
You can to Malacanang Palace and hang out without the Presidential Security Group noticing your presence. Just make sure your clothes go invisible as well.

4. Shape Shifting
Becoming a master of disguise is one awesome superpower because you have the ability to change your physical appearance and attributes to different people. I was thinking of impersonating prominent personalities like Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden, or Manny Pacquiao. In this way, I can look, act, and talk like what they are.

5. Invulnerability
Superman is virtually invulnerable because bullets from a machine gun can’t hurt him. Having a superpower is great if you don’t intend to become a rock. You might as well venture into mix-martial arts and give Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva a run for their money.

6. Intangibility
Being like a ghost that can go pass through walls can scare the crap out of people. However, you can’t touch anything solid and can’t even give a hug to someone.

7. Time Travel
Going back to time to change an event for your own benefit can be cool but you have to understand the consequences of time travel. Any little change you did in the past can have devastating effect in the future lifetime.

8. Superhuman Speed
The Flash is considered the fastest man in the planet and having his power would mean that you can break all known speed record. You may excel in so many sports that any form of competition would be rendered obsolete.

9. Teleportation
Traveling to different places in an instant provides you the advantage of being at two places at the same time. You can save people in distress at multiple places.

10. Superhuman Strength
You can fight all the bullies that picked on you single-handedly if you have this superpower. You can lift anything from tanks to big buses like toy cars.

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