We always want to buy the things and do the things that we want when we have the money. Times like this, we need to be a wise and thrift spender too. We try to maximize our money and get most out of it. Many of us are wondering as to what we can do with a 100 peso bill in Cebu City.

Let’s just say you won 100 pesos from a radio contest or your uncle gave 100 pesos for doing errands for him. We ask ourselves, "What can we do with it? What can I buy with 100 pesos in my pocket?

1. Buy 100 pesos worth of cellphone load
If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome then you may be spending all your money on SMS and call load. You can send messages and call your friends all you want with it.

2. Treat yourself to Jollibee value meal
Hungry? You can always head to the nearest Jollibee fastfood and order your favorite value meal especially their TLC burger and fries.

3. Scour for one-of-a-kind clothes at the ukay-ukay
Go to the Carbon Market and you will see various ukay-ukay stalls scattered around. You have many things to do at the ukay-ukay since you can pick out clothes that may still serve you well. Many of the items are supposed to be given to charity. Who knows, you may find a good conditioned branded item and not those oversized, overstretched, and faded Korean clothes.

4. Buy DVDs
You can’t afford to watch a movie with your 100 pesos so while you are looking for second-hand clothes downtown, how about looking for your favorite movie on DVD.

5. Find something valuable from China-made products
If you happen to drop by at thrift stores, you can see many China-made products being sold. We know many of these products are of low quality but we have to admit that these are also cheap. Find something valuable that you can really use.

6. Buy a gift for your loved one
Buy something to cheer up your loved one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift but something that will remind them why they are special to you. Try giving them a nice journal, a wonderful picture frame, or a cute stuffed toy.

7. Have a tasty treat of tapsilog
There are so many sinangag stations in the city and you can have delicious plate of tapsilog and all its varieties. Try the hot sizzling sisig and boneless bangus apart from the usual beef tapa, sunny side-up egg, and fried rice combination.

8. Refresh yourself with tasty pearl coolers
Fruit shake with sago is perfect treat to quench your thirst and relieve you from summer heat. Go to the nearest mall and enjoy this wonderful refreshment.

9. Hair makeover
Get a simple hair makeover at the local beauty salon or barbershop.

10. Be a good Samaritan
You may have many things to do in your lifetime, how about doing a selfless act. Donate your 100 pesos to charity and surely, this will help many of those less fortunate than you.

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