Politicians, from barangay chairman to the President, have been elected to serve the people so it is their obligation to provide the necessary services that their constituents need. Unfortunately, many people don't understand this because whenever a natural disaster happens, some politicians take advantage of the situation by showing off their "helping hand." Why wait for flood water to rise up in Metro Manila before doing relief services? Why can't they fix the drainage system in the first place instead of building more flyovers and bridges?

When the President visited the affected areas to bring the needed relief goods, why is it that most of the would-be senatoriables are with him? We can say that they are there to assist the distribution of goods but can they do it separately? Why are sporting their fake "election campaign" smile when everyone in the area are drenched in a morass of mud, dirty sewage water, and filth? It's not crab mentality in my part but just being inquisitive of their actions but it seems their performance is a show of force. They don't have to advertise that they are there to help because it is their job in the first place.

Blatant electioneering is the name of the game. You can be benevolent and megalomaniac at the same time. Why not provide canned goods to the helpless constituents with your face plastered over it? Surely you can get away with it right? Some people don't understand that these "help" are not from their own pockets, it is from ours - get it? So we don't have to be blindly appreciative of everything because it is their duty to look for our welfare. If they are playing the "good and responsible politician" card then why is the place flooded in the first place? Don't tell me that they don't have the necessary funds to find an effective drainage control or set up a sewage management system? Too much BS!

Wow, these congressmen are creative! 

How about a makeshift advertising vehicle by putting a big tarpaulin on a truck full of goods? And we should be grateful to congressman so and so because he made that everything possible because he wants to help his constituents or in television lingo "...gusto kong tumulong sa ating taong bayan." Again, we are forced to believe at their generosity!

Vicvic Magsaysay, an endorser of Jobo Rice? Ang epal naman...
We haven't learned from the lessons from Ondoy, these politicians haven't made their homework. We are still being flooded even though there is no typhoon. They haven't made an effort to fix the drainage network and assure everyone that such disaster would be averted. political posturing and brouhaha is all we get. They might as well get carried on a raging flood waters and all the rubbish they have.

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  1. It's amazing how these politicians swarm like insects on a site that has been ravaged by calamity.

  2. they alwas claim that they are not doing wrong...

  3. the sad thing is that most Filipinos are contented with mediocrity...


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